Ten Easy Ways to Use Timber in Construction

Timber, also known as wood and is the most common material used in construction. For thousands of years, it has been used in construction because it is readily available, for it is a natural resource. Engineers use timber to construct a variety of structures, such as the construction of houses and furniture. Wood is highly preferred because of its properties. Some of these properties are; availability, strength, and a good insulator from cold. In terms of sustainability, it is highly environmentally sustainable, unlike bricks.

The following are ten easy ways timber is used in construction;

Timber is classified into the hardwood and softwood. Uses of timber in construction vary depending on either it is hard or soft.

Building bridges

Many bridges in the United States are made of timber.it was the first material used in the construction of bridges. This is so because it is strong but light. Wood/timber is also used in the construction of bridges because it can be used in any weather conditions. Wood is easy to furnish and so, bridges built using timber are very eye-catching. Building bridges using timber does not need highly skilled labor or any special equipment for installation which makes it cheaper than using other materials.

Timber is used for formwork

Formwork refers to permanent or temporary mounds used to hold materials, for example, concrete. Construction of formwork using timber is relatively cheap because timber is readily available. Timber is also preferred because it does not require a high level of construction experience. Formworks constructed using timber can also be painted, and this makes it look beautiful.

Used in roofing

Timber in roofing is used in two ways; as a covering and as a supporting structure. When used as a supporting structure, timber supports another type of roof, such as the asbestos roof. In roof installation, one can contact a company that deals with Building Supplies to have the best wooden roof.

Used in flooring

Floors made of timber are overly popular because of a lot of reasons. One, wooden floors are warm, unlike concrete floors. Wooden floors are also very beautiful and durable. Many, if not all homes in America have a wooden floor. When it comes to floors, softwood is normally the best option because it is easier to work with. Wooden floors are also loved because they are easy to clean.

Used in setting foundations

A foundation is a preliminary stage of building construction. It connects what you’re building to the ground. A wooden foundation is mostly preferred because they are easy to make and to deconstruct. They also do not need a skilled workforce and therefore cheap.

In making furniture

Furniture also falls under construction and to make it, timber is used. Timber is used to make furniture because of its properties. Some of these properties are; timber is good in any weather; it is renewable i.e., timber is friendly to the environment, timber lasts for a long time. For example, a table made of wood will last longer than that made of glass.

In making doors and windows

A lot of people prefer windows and doors made of timber. Timber is easy to paint into attractive colors of one’s choice, and they are very economical because they last longer. Wooden windows and doors also offer great insulation from cold, especially during winter compared to those made of steel.

In the construction of the rail fence and posts

Fences made of timber are constructed around gardens, which makes a garden look attractive. Hardwood should be used in this type of construction because the posts that hold up the fence come into contact with soil which makes them prone to decay.

In making ceiling

In the construction of houses, the wooden ceiling does the trick because of its many advantages. Some of these are; wooden ceilings are soundproof. For example, when it rains, the sound of rain droplets hitting the roof is not heard. Wooden ceilings are also a good insulator of cold.

Construction of railroads

Timber is used in constructing a railway. It used to make railway sleepers because, in America, wood has a 93% share of the market. This is because they are relatively cheap, light, easy to install, and easy to transport.

In conclusion, timber is used because of its many advantages over other materials used in construction.