The Benefits Of Hiring An Albany DWI Lawyer To Help With Your Case

Driving While Intoxicated or DWI is an offense. When you’ve been arrested for this reason, there’s nothing that you can do but to accept that it’s your fault. After all, you know that you should never drive while under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. The best that you can do is try and get a fair trial.

For you to achieve this, a DWI lawyer can be of great help. There are several benefits that a DWI lawyer can bring for you. Let’s look at some of these benefits below.

Whiskey with car keys and handcuffs. Concept for drinking and driving.

1. They Can Help You Avoid Jail Time

Facing the possibility of imprisonment is often dependent on the severity of your case. If you’re a candidate for this penalty, with a lawyer by your side, you can bargain for lesser jail time. You can even avoid jail time if it’s legally possible and your lawyer handles your case properly.

This is often done during the plea-bargaining process. In exchange for the admission of guilt, you can bargain for a lesser penalty. If you don’t have the expertise in this, you may not be able to do it correctly. Hence the need for you to have a DWI lawyer by your side.

Especially when this is a repeat offense for you, a good DWI lawyer from DWI Guy is one that you need. The lawyer can help you bargain for reduced charges.

2. They’re Needed When This Isn’t Your First Offense

For the first DWI offense, the penalties aren’t that severe. Of course, your act of driving while intoxicated shouldn’t have endangered others’ lives or caused severe injuries or death.

But if it’s your second or third offense, you’ve got to be ready for stricter penalties. These penalties are imposed by the law so that you aren’t complacent. You can’t commit the same offense over and over again without getting more severe penalties or jail time.

So, in that instance, you’ll need a lawyer by your side.

3. They Can Present You With A Defense You Never Thought Possible

When a good DWI lawyer represents you, you’ve got the chance to leverage the expertise of a professional. This means having a robust defense that you never thought possible. If you’re the only one thinking about your case, remember that you don’t have the expertise that a lawyer does. So, you may be limited with your options of defenses. You can even commit blunders and make things more difficult for yourself.

However, do remember here that the lawyer can’t turn things around for you completely. When you’re guilty, they’ll most likely inform you about this right at the outset. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be given that opportunity to defend yourself in court appropriately. Your lawyer can ensure that the evidence in your favor is adequately presented so that you get a fair trial.

4. They Help You With Your Additional Charges

If you’re unlucky, your DWI charge may also have many other additional charges. This can include criminal offenses. For instance, you’ve injured other pedestrians or other drivers. Worse, you may have caused the death of another person. In these instances, you can be very sure that you’ll be facing additional charges in court. You won’t have a pleasant experience at that.

When this is the extent of damage that you’ve caused, you need a lawyer by your side. It’s only through the help of a lawyer that you can successfully navigate through the numerous charges that you’ll be facing in complicated cases.

5. They Can Also Help You Get a Favorable Outcome

Depending on the court of the local area that you come from, some look positively at any good act the DWI offender may have done before the court appearance.

For example, you put in extra time and effort to attend drivers’ education classes to review your roadside obligations. If you’ve done this, you may have a more favorable outcome from your case as the judge may consider this factor. Such acts can show that you’re remorseful and that you like to make things better.

Parting Word

If you get caught driving while intoxicated, you can be confused about what you’re going to do next. You know for sure that this was your fault. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you deserve the worst outcome. While one should never drive while intoxicated, if you’ve made this mistake, you must hire a DWI lawyer so that you can avail of the benefits enumerated above. Remember, the best way to avoid DWI charges altogether is to not drive while being intoxicated.