Tips for Better Sex Life After 50

Once you hit a certain age, you are perceived differently by society. One does not necessarily link a thriving sex life with older individuals, but the reality cannot be further from it. People don’t just stop being sexual as they get older. Instead, they may develop their taste for new things when making love. Continue reading this article to find valuable tips for having a thriving sex life after 50.

Regular Exercise: The most common problem older people face is the question of their health. Most people do not have the strength they used to have in their twenties and thirties. This lack of physical energy can cause a hindrance in having a thriving sex life. Talk to a dietician and develop a diet chart that improves your general health. You may try out these foods to boost your sexual libido.

  • Get a gym membership to build stamina and strengthen your muscles. People in their late sixties too can enjoy a vibrant sex life if they have the energy required for sexual activity.
  • It often happens that older people lose control over their muscle movement. One may research more about how to tighten vaginal walls to solve the concern better. They may try specific exercises such as kegel exercises to tighten one’s pelvic floor muscles.

Be Experimental: Life is all about taking a calculative risk to have more fun. When it comes to sex, don’t just stick to a boring old routine; penetrative sex is not the only way to have fun. The goal is to explore the partner’s body, seeking new ways to find pleasure.

  • Be adventurous and find new places to have sex other than the bedroom.
  • Try different sexual positions.
  • Visit a spa and get a couple’s massage session.
  • Oral sex and trying out sex toys can be fun.

Talk It Out: People often have lousy sex because they fail to communicate their desires to their partners. One might think their partner will be grossed out by their kinks and fetishes. But you will never know until you ask for it. And you cannot afford not to talk about your wishes, as you do not have a lot of time left. So, enjoy every moment of life to the fullest and talk to your partner about your likes and desires. You might be pretty surprised to know that your partner, too, has their kinks that they would like to try with you.

  • If you find the chemistry or the spark is not there, you may talk to your partner about that. On the other hand, if you feel your partner is being overtly sexual and making you uncomfortable, you should voice your concern.
  • Longtime partners find things easy to deal with. But, if you are dating new people at a mature stage, you might face issues with your partner. Couples with differences often visit a sex therapist to solve their issues. Do not hesitate to share your problems with a certified sex therapist.