Tips To Get The Right Thermal Bottle

If you have you taken a look at some thermal bottles, you will see that some are complete and certainly has an excellent while others are no. If at the time of choosing, you hit that doubt, take a look here in our tips to hit the purchase right.

·         Large, Medium, or Small?

The thermal bottles can range from 250 ml up to 2 liters, to choose the right size for you. It is essential to think about what you intend to use it. For example, for a company where several people are going to serve themselves, a 2-liter bottle is a great choice. For individual use, a 500 ml bottle may be enough.

·         Shelf Life

All thermal(กระติก เก็บ ความ เย็น which is the term in thai) containers guarantee that the temperature of your drink will be kept for up to 6 hours under ideal conditions. To get the best performance from your bottle, we have three useful tips:

  1. Fill the container with hot water for hot drinks and ice water for cold drinks.
  2. The hotter or colder the beverage is when filling the bottle, the longer you will have the hot or cold drink.
  3. Use the full capacity of the bottle for better temperature conservation.

·         Pressure, Flip, or Thread?

Now complicated? Calm! It’s simpler than it sounds: to choose a thermos bottle, you should think about the type of lid and the easiest way to serve what you need. The pressure cap is excellent for business and office environments, for example. Since she will be standing on a piece of furniture, whoever comes to serve does not need to move the bottle, tighten the lid. The flip is perfect for the chimarrão, with the directional nozzle it is easier to fill the gourd without spilling everything on the grass. And the screw cap is ideal for serving that tea or coffee at home. Since it has a good seal, leave it tightly closed to keep everything at the right temperature.

·         Home or Business? Leisure or Work?

The place where you will use and the purpose of the thermos is vital at the time of purchase, both to set the type of cap as the capacity. Think about how you will use it before you choose yours.

·         Ergonomics and Aesthetics

The design of a bottle should unite beauty and ease of use. In this case, think about the type of handle, the design of the lid and, of course, which one you find the most beautiful of all (this is the hardest part).

·         Glass or Stainless Steel Bulb?

The big difference between these two types of the ampoule is in durability. The steel is more resistant to falls (perfect for the more clumsy).