Top 3 Designer Dog Breeds in 2022

Not All Doodles Are Alike

Many of the doodles we see today can be similar in looks. It’s important to remember that choosing a doodle with a temperament compatible with your lifestyle is of utmost importance. It’s common knowledge that certain breeds are known for having distinctive personality traits; German Shepherds are known to be protective, Golden Retrievers are known to be friendly, and Border Collies are known to be high-drive herding dogs.

Then there are the families. There’s a massive range in the lifestyle each potential family can have. Imagine the kind of dog that would fit a very busy family, frequently carpooling 3-5 children from one activity to another. They may not have any other pets and live in a home with a large yard. The dog best suited for this lifestyle may be a different breed (or breed combination such as a hybrid breed) than what would fit a newly married couple who doesn’t plan to have kids, looking for their second dog in a small highrise apartment. The variation of doodles is one of the main reasons they have received so much hype in recent years. They are combining breeds to get the best traits of both, often with hypoallergenic coats. While doodles are incredibly popular in general, how does anyone choose?

Top 3 Doodle Dogs in 2022

1. The Goldendoodle

The Golden Retriever Poodle mix, known as the Goldendoodle, is one of this generation’s most popular designer dogs. The friendly energy from the golden combined with the low-shedding hypoallergenic coat of the Poodle makes for a great family dog who’s very trainable, warm, and welcoming to guests in the home. Goldendoodles are a very biddable hybrid breed that comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate the needs and preferences of the owner. You can even have predictable energy levels when comparing the English Goldendoodle vs. American Goldendoodle. The hype surrounding these dogs is solely based on their flexibility in size, color, and other modifiable characteristics while still maintaining the stable and well-loved temperament of a Goldendoodle. Getting the perfect Goldendoodle can be enhanced by going with a reputable breeder such as Farm Country Goldens, who does all the necessary health and genetic testing to eliminate issues prior to breeding.

2. The Whoodle

Whoodles are small-medium-sized dogs in comparison to other doodles. A Whoodle is created when a Poodle is combined with a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. They’re brilliant and energetic dogs with a very playful nature. Whoodles have a hypoallergenic coat that can be even higher quality than other doodles. The Poodle parent’s coat combined with the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier’s fur, which doesn’t have an undercoat and is also low shedding, creates a nearly perfect coat for dog lovers with allergies. The Whoodle temperament is excellent for families who prefer a more independent small doodle breed. This very mellow breed suffers from very few genetic disorders. You can improve the quality of the Whoodle you get by going with a breeder with high breeding standards, such as My Whoodle, where they are so confident in the health of their puppies they offer an 8-year health guarantee!

3. The Maltipoo

Maltipoos are one trendy doodle breed. They are tiny compared to many other doodles, and they tend to enjoy frequent naps around the house or even in your lap! These dogs are more manageable in small spaces due to their size and make for a more gentle companion dog who’s very affectionate towards family. Perfectly content indoors most of the time, Maltipoos are great low-maintenance dogs who do exceptionally well with seniors and small children. My Doodle Maltipoos is the gold standard for those seeking a Maltipoo with their unbeatable 10-year health guarantee!

Will Doodles Become a “Real” Breed?

Despite doodles being a hybrid breed and not recognized as purebred dogs. There is potential for change in the future. Many breeds start as mixes and develop over many years before being recognized by large organizations like AKC. One thing we’re sure of is that doodles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. These designer breeds are topping the charts in dog popularity and winning over the hearts of many, one family at a time!

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