Top Picks for High Performance CPU Coolers in 2020

Picking the right cooler for your design is easier than it seems. Are you going to go for air or liquid? And where is the right location for it, as well as which label is the strongest? There seem to be a lot of wrong answers.

However, the right answer comes from your spending plan, your system, and your performance standards. There is no one-size-fits-all choice available. To further help determine the quest, we’ve created a selection of the best CPU coolers on the marketplace.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R: Massive Radiator with Quiet Fans

As you’re searching for the best CPU cooler online, performance and quality are of the utmost significance to heat dispersion. The best way to address this is to use a radiator with the highest potential surface area.

For most well-known medium-sized cases, including complete buildings, this requires a 360 mm radiator. Fitted with three 120 mm fans, these coolers chew up quite a bit of room, and it can be reasonably pricey opposed to a small 120 mm liquid cooler.

The Cooler Master 360 mm MasterLiquid ML360R is our favored pick. It features a stylish Processor block style with a subdued standout logo that renders the lighting setup very tidy. Coupled with three versatile RGB fans, the ML360R cools well enough and keeps quiet while supplying some attractive light sources for your entire rig.

Noctua NH-D15: Overall Performance Cooling System

This may be on the list of the much more pricey air cooling systems we’ve ever examined, but Noctua ‘s NH-D15 flagship product is our recommended option for high-tier cooling systems. Built on the award-winning manufacturer D14, the NH-D15 does almost as good as a number of liquid coolers and also tops a couple of them both in terms of efficiency and sound.

The cooler sports a dual towered heat spreader and ships with 140 mm powerful ventilation fans. Even continuing to work at 100% speed, the cooling system managed to run quieter than most of its competing products.

If you’re not a supporter of liquid cooling or might not have the storage to install a radiator rig, the NH-D15 is similarly great as it would be to cool the air. The only drawback we might consider is its size, which may theoretically create issues with the clearance of high RAM devices.

Corsair H100i Pro: Closed-loop AIO Cooling System

Shuttered-loop, all-in-one coolers may not deliver a significant rise in cooling power in comparison to other top air coolers, because they’re much sleeker. They move the heatsink wings and their inner surface to your device’s borders and limits, creating an enticing, low-profile water block on your own Processor.

There are a variety of fantastic AIOs out there, but our preferred cost is the Corsair H100i Pro. It’s a 240 mm AIO with a streamlined design and actual decent performance. It’s silent (with no fan spinning at idle) is simple to suit in most situations, and with subsequent price declines, it’s far more economical not just with Corsair’s other AIO coolers, but also with other firms.

And for comparison purposes, it has some light RGB ambient lighting. Substitutes like the H115i are more up to the task, with slightly lower noise and nicer thermals, but for as much as $50 more, that’s really not worth the investment.

EVGA CLC 240: Affordable Liquid-Cooling System

The new CLC liquid cooling system from EVGA is our preference mid-tier choice due to various outstanding output per dollar. Complementing the performance of NZXT chips, the 240 mm costs a reasonable cost while only compromising very few functionalities.

These fans could get very noisy at high throttle, but we discovered the cooling system to run quite well without ever having reached those thresholds.

While you’re not getting the flashy application-specific RGB lighting, you ‘ll discover in the latest models of NZXT, Thermaltake, and the EVGA Cooler will have a similar sweater tube and single RGB lighting on the base head which can be configured by the firmware. If the alarms and buzzers don’t bother you much, the EVGA CLC 240 delivers outstanding efficiency with no hesitation.


You should pay careful monitoring to your CPU cooler if you’re trying to overrate your PC to its full capacity or stop routing at stock rates. When you don’t have huge expectations but use a Ryzen processor, you may be able to save up by clinging to the stock cooling that came with your kit. But apart from that, before selecting the best solution for your device, make sure you test the storage and TDP specifications.

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