Two Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy

Ensuring that your dog is healthy and happy is essential to being a responsible pet owner. Your dog is always your best friend and you want to provide all the love and attention you can! This isn’t always as easy as it sounds considering the breakneck pace and demands of our modern lives, but we owe it to our faithful companions to do everything we can to make their lives wonderful! Here are two important tips to help you keep your dog smiling!

While You Are Out – There are going to be times when you just can’t avoid leaving your dog home alone. Some dogs are perfectly fine with this, and will simply sleep the day away until your joyous return, but unfortunately, there are dogs that become nervous wrecks that chew up the furniture while you are gone. In an ideal world you would have a pleasant and safe fenced-in backyard with access to shelter when they need to escape the elements, a modern doghouse where they can stay warm in winter and get out of the heat in the summer. Unfortunately, many of us live in urban settings where this kind of space just isn’t available, so your dog will need to be indoors. If you are lucky, you can check your pet into dog daycare in Sydney while you are out, so they can have a lovely time hanging out with the friendly staff and new furry friends!

If that isn’t an option, then you need to consider creating a space in your home that’s safe for dogs and safe from any damage they might feel compelled to inflict. A gated kitchen is a good option, or a larger bathroom can do, best of all would be a special room they can call their own, dedicated to dogs! We do have to mention one thing though, please do not keep your dog in a tiny cage they can’t even turn around in as we have seen happen too often, it’s cruel and is sure to make your dog mentally unhealthy. Dogs need to have enough space to move around, so show your love by providing them with that!

Toys – Dogs are really just furry little kids, right? And what do kids love? Toys! There are a vast range of dog toys available to choose from, so you are bound to find some things they love to play with. Just like with small children, you need to use common sense and avoid toys made by less-than-reputable manufacturers that may present choking hazards or contain harmful chemicals that are released when chewed upon. If something looks off to you, then pass on it! Go for rugged toys made of natural materials designed especially for dogs from responsible pet product companies. The most important thing? Make time to play with your dog, toys are the most enjoyable when shared with a friend!

The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has published guidelines for pet owners, check here for more information. We hope you and your best friend enjoy a wonderful life together, have fun!