Visiting 9 Educational Tours in Jakarta

Visiting tourist destinations is not necessarily about natural tourism and culinary tourism. Jakarta, as the largest metropolitan city in Indonesia, has many interesting educational tours to visit. Not only playing, but every visitor would also get a lot of things that broaden their horizons.

Want to travel to Jakarta with your family? Here are nine educational tourist destinations in Jakarta that are interesting to visit.

  1. Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park

Indonesia consists of 34 provinces spread from Sabang to Merauke. Each region has a unique and diverse culture. Traveling around Indonesia has become a destination for several travelers around the globe. However, for those who do not have the time and money to travel around each one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia, you can start from this place.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) or ‘Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park’ is a tourist park with the theme of Indonesian culture. This tourist spot is located in East Jakarta City. At TMII, you will be invited to travel around “mini Indonesia” using a rabbit train, where every visitor can see regional pavilions, museums, and religious buildings that are identical to certain places.

Address : Jalan Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta City

Operating Hours: 06.00 AM – 18.00 PM local times.

  1. Jakarta Aquarium & Safari

When you go to the mall, what do you usually do? Eat? Watching a movie at the Cinema? Or just walking around the mall? At Neo Soho, West Jakarta, you can do more than you usually did. Here is the Jakarta Aquarium, claimed to be the largest indoor aquarium in Indonesia. In this giant aquarium, 600 species of marine and land animals live.

Not only seeing marine animals and getting to know the richness of the underwater world, at the Jakarta Aquarium, you can enjoy an underwater theater that presents the appearance of a beautiful mermaid. In addition, visitors can try the sensation of diving with sea fish accompanied by a divemaster.

Address : Neo Soho LG 101 Floor, Lt. Gen. S. Parman street, South Tanjung Duren, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta City

Operation : 10.00 AM – 20.00 PM.

  1. Faunaland Ancol

Did you know that in Ancol there is an educational tour where you can invite children to get to know the faunas? There is Faunaland in Ancol, a zoo with the concept of a blend of the continents of Asia and Australia.

Faunaland presents unique animals from Eastern Indonesia and several other countries. Here, visitors can directly interact with animals that are released in open spaces. Faunaland presents educational performances with the concept of “Natural Behavior” so that visitors can understand everything about the animals here.

Address : Ecopark, Lodaya Raya street, Ancol, Pademangan, North Jakarta City.

Operational : 09.00 AM – 18.00 PM.

  1. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo is the oldest zoo in Indonesia, located in South Jakarta. Built in 1864, Ragunan maintains 295 species and 4040 animal specimens. Until now, Ragunan Zoo has become a favorite place to spend holidays while on educational tours.

Address : Harsono street 1, Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta City

Operating Hours : 07.30 AM – 16.00 PM local times, Monday closed.

  1. National Museum

The National Museum, also known as the Elephant Museum, is the first and largest museum in Southeast Asia. The museum, founded in 1778, collects ancient objects from all over Indonesia, ranging from inscriptions, bronzes, rare books to valuable objects. The National Museum can truly be a destination for educational tours.

Address : Medan Merdeka Barat street, Number 12, Gambir, Central Jakarta City

Operating Hours : 08.00 AM – 16.00 PM (Monday – Friday), 08.00 AM – 17.00 PM (Saturday – Sunday).

  1. Jakarta Old Town (Kota Tua)

It is very possible to do both recreational and educational tours at the same time on weekends in the tourist area of ​​Kota Tua Jakarta. This area is close to the old buildings built during the Dutch colonial era, which are still being guarded and some functioned as museums. The building that became an icon for this place is the Jakarta History Museum or Fatahillah Museum. Museum

Jakarta Old Town Tourism Area is often used as a place to spend holidays. Its strategic location and easy access from inside and outside the city of Jakarta are one of the factors that make this area busy on weekends.

Address : Fatahillah Park No.1, Pinangsia, Taman Sari, West Jakarta City

Operating Hours : 06.00 AM – 22.00 PM.

  1. Jakarta Planetarium

Want to invite children to recognize celestial objects? Just take them to the Jakarta Planetarium. Here, it provides a sky simulation vehicle which is a means of educational tourism. Established in 1964, Jakarta Planetarium provides a complete exhibition space with various forms of galaxies, to the theory of galaxy formation.

At certain times, the Jakarta Planetarium holds a show about objects in space. Every

visitors can enjoy these rides, either individually or in groups.

Address : Taman Ismail Marzuki, Cikini Raya street, Number.73, Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Operating Hours : 08.00 AM – 15.00 PM, Monday closed.

  1. Palbatu Batik House

You do not have to come to Solo to learn how to make batik. In Jakarta, there is the Palbatu Batik House which provides batik learning facilities. This place is devoted to learning about batik, starting from studying its history, to learning the process of making batik. The teacher comes from Central Java and is already proficient in making batik.

Address : Palbatu IV street, Number.17, Menteng Dalam, Tebet, South Jakarta City.

Operating Hours : 10.00 AM – 16.00 PM.

  1. Kite Museum

Who liked to fly kites as a child? It seems that almost everyone feels the excitement of flying a kite. However, do you know yet, that kites have many shapes with different types? Well, if you are curious about the various kites, just come to the Kite Museum in Pondok Labu, South Jakarta.

This museum collects about 600 kites from home and abroad. Museum employees also make kites. Traveling here, you can be nostalgic as well as educational tours by getting to know various kites.

Address : H. Kamang street, Number.28, Pondok Labu, Cilandak, South Jakarta City.

Operating Hours : 09.00 AM – 16.00 PM

Educational tourism in Jakarta is not inferior to destinations in other cities such as Yogyakarta or Malang. Starting from the minimalist version of Indonesia, the zoo, Kota Tua, to batik houses can be visited to fill your holidays or free time.

Among the 9 destinations mentioned above, which one do you like the most? Come on, invite your friends, family, and partner for an educational tour in Jakarta! Find out more about Jakarta and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia