What is the best time to purchase replacement windows in Canada?

There isn’t anything to argue about the window and door replacement in Canada is a pretty seasonal business. And this isn’t because companies are not able to perform window installation during winters. Though it may take a little more time, modern window installation in cold months need more attention and care and thus tend to cause lesser problems later.

The major reason why most of the replacement projects by Edmonton windows company take place in the summer months is because of the customers precisely.

Here are some of the reasons why customers are to be blamed for it:

  • Most of the customers don’t want to expose the inside of their house to harsh cold and elements.
  • Often snow piles up very high against the wall, making the installation completely impossible as there is no way to access the opening.
  • And who wants to walk around the house, especially when holidays are coming.

But what we would like to suggest here is that creativity is the ability to bring an unfavorable situation to your favor, and a smart customer will see the benefits in this also.

Winter months are regarded as the best time to get the ideal window prices.

Manufacturers and retailers get the lowest demand during the winter season and often end up lowering their prices to generate better business.

And though it may not be your major concern during vacation time, not keeping out the investment till spring can lead to big savings for a project which you have to fix anyways.

Usually a lot of Edmonton windows company also offer an option to get their windows installed after the weather has changed for the better i.e. during the spring. This can offer you some time to plan the renovation assignment, or simply help you save some money that you need to pay for the installation.

There isn’t a particular answer about how much the replacement project will cost. There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind to get the best value for your money:

  • Find out if the replacement needs a full-frame or retrofit replacement.
  • Find out what type of windows you want to replace the old ones with.
  • Find out the primary cost from two or more companies.
  • Because the price of manufacturing windows in Canada remains the same all through the year, the major saving for home renovators come from knowing the price in the consultation. If you are able to bargain a lower price, because winter isn’t the peak season, you may consider spending the savings on the upgrade of your units say, from double pane to triple.

So, winter is the best season to get your windows replaced, keeping in mind the low price of the windows, the low cost of installation and ease of appointment available from contractors. You can opt for some upgrades from the savings. Make sure you choose energy efficient windows to save on your energy bills also, later.

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