What Is The Difference Between a Plumber and Leak Detection Specialist?

Leaks the common enemy. No one wants leaks in their home, wasting their money and causing damage. Worse, undetected leaks that go unnoticed can last for years, worsening the condition of your home and costing you thousands. If you think you have a leak, your first inclination may be to pick up the phone and ask a plumber for assistance. But if you do that, you’re overlooking the abilities of a leak detection specialist. 

Although the differences between both specializations are subtle, plumbers and leak detection specialists are not the same. Let’s learn more about the dissimilarities so you can choose the right professional next time you need plumbing help. 

Differences Between Plumbers and Leak Detection Specialists

While plumbers and leak detection specialists have similar backgrounds and training, as well as extensive knowledge about pipes, building codes, and certain plumbing-specific tools, the two professionals operate differently. 

A plumber is going to be the person you call when you need to repair or install new pipes in your home. You may also hire them to assist with installing new appliances that hook up to water lines or with drainage. Kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets, tubs, washing machines, and hot water heaters are just a few things that they can repair, replace, and inspect. Plumbers also know how to detect clogs in pipes with video camera inspections. 

On the other hand, leak detection specialists are plumbers but with a unique skill set. These plumbers have a special collection of tools and knowledge that helps them seek out unnoticed leaks in your home. They are adept at repairing leaks quickly and efficiently. 

Why You Should Hire a Leak Detection Specialist 

Finding leaks can be challenging if you don’t know where to look, even when you suspect that water is escaping from drains and pipes. But you do need to find them fast, or else your home will be damaged. 

Leaks eventually cause water damage. Even slow leaks that go ignored for years can cause extensive damage. Floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture can all be affected. No one wants a home with warped floors, stains on the walls, chipping and cracking paint, and so on. 

Leaks also invite mold and mildew growth to spread rapidly. Any additional moisture will lead to condensation, and that will let bacteria multiply. If you want to keep your home or office free of sickness, then you need to seek out leaks before they get worse and people start calling out sick. 

With risks like these so evident, you need someone who can find leaks swiftly and reliably. Leak detection specialists have tools like saws, pressurized water meters, electronic listening devices, and infrared detection equipment that lets them located the places where moisture is collecting or where pipes have cracked. You save time and money, because their services are so precise. 


In short, plumbers and leak detection specialists are both educated in replacing, repairing, and installing piping and appliances that deal with plumbing systems. However, only one of these professions is schooled in locating leaks quickly. If you suspect that there is a leak but cannot find it, then you should consider hiring a leak detection specialist. 

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