Where Can you Usually Find Ant Colonies in your Home?

Ants can be found in cracks, gaps, and holes as a colony. Often, ant colonies live in wood or soil outside your house. But, they may enter your house for food or shelter. If you find an unusual number of ants moving all over your home, this could mean an ant colony is hiding somewhere. Below are some of the places in your home ant colonies might be hiding:

Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the main target for ants because of the presence of food. Ants tend to live by feeding on food scraps and any water they can find. Check out hard-to-reach places in your kitchen including behind the cabinets and below the kitchen sink and the stove. This is where grease builds up, making them the best spots for ant colonies to hide. If you are dealing with a serious number of ants in your home it is time to consider professional pest control in Cibolo, TX. Professionals know how to effectively eliminate ant colonies even if they are hiding in the smallest cracks in your home. 

Inside Walls

Ants are very small and can find their way through your walls through small cracks. Although it is hard to find ants clumped up, you will find ant lines moving into small wall cracks. This indicates a potential ant colony within your home’s walls. 

 Under Flooring

Ant colonies could create a nest under some concrete slabs within or around your home. This is obvious when you see an unusual number of ants scouring your floor for food. You can easily get rid of them by using pesticides and other tools like ant bombs but you must follow the instructions on the label to the dot. According to experts, these tools are the best way to deal with ant colonies that live under floorings and concrete slabs.