Which ID Card Accessory is Right for your Business?

Thinking of investing in security solutions but not quite sure where to start? You’re not alone! Having invested in identity cards, you might think that your security system is all done and dusted, and in part you would be correct. Your business could easily go on with a simple plastic ID card and your reader system of choice, however, with the right accessories on your side, their benefits and desirable outcomes are enhanced a dramatic amount! The key to making the best choice for your company is choosing an ID accessory that fits with your requirements, size and security system. Read on for a full breakdown of your options for identity card accessories to make the most informed decision possible…

Lapels, Clips or Pins

A lapel, clip or pin is a simple investment that offers a no-frills approach to identity card presentation. This option is best for companies that are looking for an easy means of showing the identity of the wearer. Those who are utilising a scanning, tapping or reader system will not benefit from the use of lapels, clips or pins as they cannot be easily removed and reattached. This option fastens an ID in place for the day, meaning you’ll always know exactly who’s who and what they do.

ID Card Holders

ID card holders are great for protecting your cards and ensuring that they last as long as possible. These are fantastic to invest in as they go hand in hand with all the other accessories that are available to you here! You can choose between a clear flexible holder that is easily scanned, tapped or read, or a rigid multi-card holder that can stash more than one access, identity or time tracking card. Be mindful of what security systems you have in place and the cards that you require your personnel to carry in order to make the best decision for your company.


If you’re looking for an ID card accessory that’s simple, interchangeable and stylish, then lanyards are the right choice for you! A tightly woven, high quality lanyard enables your staff to present their IDs when it’s necessary, remove them quickly for scanning or entryway and keep on their desks when they don’t need to have their cards at hand. You can find lanyards that are stamped with labels such as “staff”, “visitor” or “security” to introduce a fantastic level of visual organisation to your entire business environment, or take your safety and company image to the next level by investing in custom lanyards! A lanyard that’s customised with your brand colours, logo or name is going to provide you with a little free local company exposure, enhance your professionalism and encourage greater team affinity. Whether you go simple or custom, you’ll see the benefits of lanyards right away.

Retractable Badge Reels

Retractable badge reels and holders are perfect for high pressure environments or for buildings that see an awful lot of comings and goings throughout the day. Ensure the utmost levels of safety within the hustle and bustle by investing in convenient, quality retractable reels. These attach securely at the hip and clearly present the wearer’s identity whilst also enabling them to quickly extend their badge to tap, scan or swipe the plastic card to gain access to a lobby or prohibited area of a building. Once released, the ID will simply snap back into place. This makes for fast, seamless access control, time tracking or proof of identity. You can also get reels customised, meaning you’ll enjoy brand exposure, heightened professionalism, better sentiment and tighter security standards all at once. This accessory is a favourite in fast moving atmospheres such as hospitals.

Hole Punches

Well, you’re going to need a method of attaching your identity cards to your ID card accessory of choice! An industry approved hole punch will ensure that all your attachments are as secure and to standard as possible, minimising the risk of accidents, loss or damages on a daily basis. Investing in a plastic card hole punch for your office or company will come in handy for a very long time to come, so it’s a good idea.

Which ID card accessory will you use to increase the safety standards of your business?




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