Why are E-commerce Businesses more Focused on Push Notification?

It has become very challenging for every business for getting new customers and retaining the old ones as well. For doing this effectively, the one best and powerful tactic which can be used as your business strategy is push notifications. This makes more ecommerce business persons to focus on push notifications so that they could become able to achieve their business goals. So, today here in this content, we are going to provide why e-commerce businesses are focusing on push notifications. So, let’s check it out in below given points: 

For the Purpose Re-Engaging/Retaining Existing Users

There are so many mobile app users who generally download the mobile app but don’t use it further. As we all know, your mobile app is a good source of attracting users that eventually increase your sales. So it becomes very important for you to increase the retention of these kinds of users with your business. It is evident that these users are already interested in your product which makes them download your app on their devices. Hence, all you need to do is re-establish the interest of these inactive users in your product again which you can easily do with the help of android push notifications. 

Here as per the published facts, when you utilize the android push notifications in such manner then you can literally improve your app users retention rate near about 3 to 10 times approximately. This is the reason behind most of the e-commerce businesses have now started focusing on the push notification strategy. Here by using this strategy, you can certainly send your users personalized schemes, thoughtful reminders and discounted offers as well. 

For Targeting the Right Audience

When your users download the mobile app on their devices then the default app program asks for their permission for accessing their location. However maximum users generally grant this permission instantly. So, it becomes a great opportunity for the business persons where they can offer personalized customer experience based on their location. For fulfilling this purpose, they certainly have the advantage of utilizing the android push notifications. With this, the business persons can send specialized offers to the users that are particularly applicable to the specific region to which they belong in accordance to their time zone as well. This means the right audience can be targeted by the business persons at the right time based on their country, state as well as city. In addition to this, the segmented audience can be offered discount schemes and special prices in accordance to their regions. This is another reason that  more and more ecommerce businesses are focusing on push notifications strategy so that they can engage more users along with providing a high degree of personalization to them. 

For Enhancing Brand Consistency

When you start advertising your brand using the android push notifications strategy then you literally have the opportunity to send your users last minute deals, special offers and discount coupons in a more efficient and powerful manner. This way you become able to reach an additional level of marketing your brand which you absolutely cannot have when you use traditional marketing techniques. So, these android push notifications make your business capable enough where you can provide extra as well as value added information for strongly establishing your brand in the market. Apart from this, when you use the push notifications for delivering your content instead of using simple text, you can specifically use the logos as images as well that further helps business persons in enhancing their brand consistency among the public. 

For Increasing Conversion Rates

If you are running a business then you obviously understand the importance of timely information which should be available to your audience at the right time otherwise there will be no use of such information. Here for example, your retail store is coming with a discount sale then your audience should know about it on time. And what could be the best way then delivering your informative content via android push notifications. Now when you send your best sales offers directly on your users devices then it has often been observed that your sales immensely grow upto 60-70 %.  Because users generally respond quickly to the content which they receive on their personal devices rather than on other platforms. And it becomes easy for the business persons to lighten the spark in their users so that they can quickly make a purchase from your retail store. This fact makes e-commerce business owners focus on push notifications as much as they can. 


From the given content, it has certainly been clear that the android push notification strategy could be your number one winning marketing strategy for your business as you become able to share the well-considered, timely as well as relevant content with your audience. Here you are basically providing this information to that audience who are already interested in your brand. So, all you need to do is re-establish their trust as well as their interest in your brand which you can easily do with push notifications. Thus, if you are an ecommerce business owner then you can absolutely keep your focus on implementing push notifications strategy for the success of your business.