Why is Fire Sleeve Important to Industries Today?

The invention of high-temperature sleeving, also known as fire sleeve, is a savior to the industry of all types. Companies dealing with cables, hoses, and wires can breathe a sigh of relief as fire sleeve helps protect their components from extreme temperatures. It’s the first of this kind to appear in the market, which means the most business will save a lot of money from covering expenses. The covering spreads across several industries, making it an efficient, affordable, reliable, and timely invention. So, why is the covering important to industries today?


The fire sleeve is the modern covering that helps to protect components from getting damaged. The covering is modernized to protect not only industry components but the workers that interact with them. Firesleeve is never affected by any external effect such as extreme temperature. The material used to create a fire sleeve is known as silicone rubber which dispels heat to prevent burning the inside component. 

Helps to Reduce Cost

Before introducing fire sleeve into the market, companies used to lose lots of money through traditional cabling. Firesleeve is designed to keep the heat away and to maintain energy within. Firesleeve insulates the parts, maximizes energy usage by inhibiting additional costs through wasted energy. The technology used to design fire sleeve maintains the intended purpose of the components that are inside. If the lines are supposed to cool, the covering keeps them in that condition and vice versa. 

Continuous Protection

The reason many industries prefer using fire sleeve is their ability to maintain component protection continuously. For instance, the fire sleeve is self-extinguishing and non-flammable such that it can withstand temperatures of up to 260 degrees Celsius. Apart from flame or heat protection, a fire sleeve can prevent components from molten splashes, fuels, lubricating oils, and hydraulic fluid damage. It protects the components even when temperatures rise to 1200 degrees Celsius. 


The unique thing with the fire sleeve is working with many components in almost all industries. Regardless of the company’s needs, fire sleeve coverings are designed in all various sizes and designs. That makes it easier for the coverings to meet the demands of any industry product. The elasticity part helps to provide a perfect fit to cover any component. If the covering fails to fit, it can be customized to meet the interested party’s demands.

Who Uses Fire sleeve and Why?

Firesleeve is mostly used in Car racing, Mining, Marine, Automation, Oil & Gas, and more. Most industries that benefit from fire sleeve technology are the ones that rely on hose assemblies. It is required the assembling process to undergo thorough engineering to make sure the performance is excellent. This doesn’t matter whether it’s hydraulic hoses, electrical cables, fuel lines, or air. The preference of fire sleeve is given top priority for not only does it protect the components, but workers installing them. In fact, the word ‘fire sleeve is derived from its ability to protect workers from dangerous components to humans. 

How Fire Sleeve Protect Users

As mentioned earlier, fire sleeve protects workers, technicians, and production line engineers from getting exposed to flame plus heat. It helps them from getting burns and blisters. Every industry must ensure the components and workers are protected all the time. Note the protection of the workers and components depends on the type of fire sleeve that you use. So, the tubing systems and hose assemblies should be protected using a high-grade fire sleeve. 

What to consider when choosing fire sleeve products

Before proceeding to purchase a fire sleeve, there are several things to be considered. If the company does not have fire sleeve experts, it’s advisable to look for a qualified person to help identify coverings that resonate with component needs. Firesleeve experts can assist in purchasing vital tools and materials to enhance the installation of the coverings. Additionally, they will guide the right type of coverage to buy depending on the building’s structure or location. 

Types fire sleeves

There are various types of fire sleeves in the market today. That is why a company needs to understand their differences to purchase only the right type. Here is the list below.


  • The thermal firepower sleeve


The thermal fire sleeve is a sturdy and affordable covering. 

It prevents the spread of fire inside the pipe. Normally, high levels of plastic pipes, steel, and copper found in most commercial and domestic buildings pierce through fire-rated structures such as floors, ceilings, and walls. A thermal fire sleeve is designed to solve the problem. The covering reinstates the initial fire rating of a compartment, hindering the fire’s spread to other various areas. 


  • The Thermosleeve


Thermosleeve is designed using braided fiberglass. It has exceptional quality with silicon rubber and iron oxide coating. The use of Thermo sleeve guarantees users of outstanding abrasion traits. This type of covering helps to cover cables and hoses that are exposed to high temperatures and molten metal splashes. 


  • The cool blue fire sleeve


This one is a high-temperature fire sleeve that offers firefighters sufficient heat protection against burns. The cool blue fire sleeve covering is of heavy coating using a thick braided fire sleeve interior. No heat transfer can penetrate through this fire sleeve. Making it the most secure to protect firefighters. Also, the covering is diverse and can fit a residential and commercial setting.


  • Pipe fire sleeve


This fire sleeve is designed for plasterboard partitions. They can work effectively on walls and floors and can be utilized to replace two collars in-wall compartments.  The advantage of using this fire sleeve is no requirement for additional metal sleeving. When the process is complete, there is a unique material formed. 


Fire sleeve is the solution for industries and other companies that are into cabling and hoses. The covering seems to be the only solution to save wastage industries have experienced in the past. The use of fire sleeve puts to the end issues of costly replacement after few months. Fire sleeve covering is not only strong enough to protect components but stays long enough before any consideration of a replacement.