We live in a capitalist world where we spend money on every item required for our daily living. It is the way of life, and one can hardly change the modern scenario. But, collectively, the buyers can decide to support businesses that do social work and give back to the world in need. When you take a stand and boycott a company’s products that do injustice to its workers, the world takes notice. Businesses should not and cannot keep their ways of treating their workers like dirt. These days, companies need to be more socially conscious if they want more customers. But as a consumer, you might wonder how you can identify socially conscious businesses and what criterion you should judge them. Continue reading to find out more about the topic at hand.

Reducing Carbon Footprints: The first and foremost thing you need to look for in a business is how conscious they are of the environment. If they do not actively want to reduce their carbon footprints, maybe supporting the business is not worth it. Every big and little business now needs to care about carbon emission and how it causes harm to the environment. For example, companies should switch to an eco-friendlier option instead of using plastic cups for serving coffee and tea. These plastics don’t get decomposed for years and decades. They end up in the seabed, harming the sea creatures and polluting the environment at large.

Improving Labor Policies: There are firms that provide you (the consumers) with amazing offers and prices. But they treat their employees harshly. They may pay minimum wages to the employees. Most of the time, they outsource their work to poor countries and pay the workers even less. You will be shocked to know how little they pay the workers and reap considerable benefits. Therefore, before you purchase an item, research well. You don’t want to contribute to a firm with such harsh labor laws.

Social Work: Large corporations earn huge profits every year. Therefore, it is only natural that they should give back to the poor and unfortunate. It is their duty to the community to serve the people at large. Therefore, you often see big companies teaming up with NGOs and other organizations to help the poor people who need their help. For example, Jack in the Box Inc., one of America’s largest food chains, teamed up with the No Kid Hungry foundation in 2016 and donated more than $275,000 to the hungry and the poor. This particular food chain has more than 2,200 restaurants across America, making it one of the most successful food businesses in the country.

Diversity and Inclusion: People love to talk about diversity and inclusivity these days. You see companies showing solidarity with Queer people during the pride months. This change can be a good thing if corporations believe in the true idea of diversity. Of course, showing solidarity with the Queer community by participating in the pride march is great, but people require more than that. The companies should actively hire more POCs, people with disabilities, Queer people, etc.

  • Visit a company’s website to learn more about its hiring process.
  • You may also learn more about their employees and their background.
  • Browse through the company’s official pages on various social media platforms to get a fair idea of the company.