www.Hilton.com/Go Family and Friends

www.hilton.comgo family and friends

Staying at a Hilton property is synonymous with luxury and convenience, and with their Family and Friends Program, the experience just got better. If you’ve ever heard about www.hilton.com/go but wondered what it’s all about, this comprehensive guide is for you. We’ll cover eligibility, the sign-up process, benefits, and much more.

What is www.hilton.com/go Family and Friends?

Hilton’s Family and Friends program is designed to provide discounted room rates and other benefits to Hilton’s family members and friends, thereby deepening the brand’s relationship with those closest to its operations.

Who is Eligible?

Team Members

Hilton team members automatically qualify for the program and can invite their family and friends to participate.

Family & Friends

The program is open to the relatives and friends of Hilton team members, but it requires an invitation from an eligible Hilton employee.

The Sign-Up Process

  1. Invitation Code: Obtain an invitation code from an eligible Hilton team member.
  2. Website Registration: Visit www.hilton.com/go and enter your invitation code.
  3. Verification: An email will be sent for verification.
  4. Account Setup: Create your profile and set up login credentials.

Features and Benefits

Discounted Room Rates

Expect significant discounts on room rates across Hilton’s portfolio of brands.

Exclusive Packages

Gain access to exclusive vacation packages not available to the general public.

Member-Only Promotions

Enjoy special promotions like discounted spa treatments and dining experiences.

Using the Website: A User Guide

The user interface is both sleek and intuitive, but here’s a quick rundown on how to navigate:

  1. Home Page: Review current offers and discounts.
  2. Search Bar: Use the search bar to look for hotels.
  3. Booking: Choose the desired hotel and follow the booking steps.

Tips to Maximize Your Benefits

Plan in Advance

The earlier you book, the better the availability and rates.

Cross-Check Other Promotions

Don’t just rely on the Friends and Family discount; sometimes, other promotions may offer better deals.

Read Reviews

Hilton’s internal review system can guide you in selecting the best property.

Safety Protocols

Hilton has implemented rigorous health and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of guests.

FAQ Section

How do I get an invitation code for www.hilton.com/go Family and Friends?

An invitation code can only be obtained from a Hilton team member who is eligible for the program.

Can I use the program for business travel?

The program is intended for leisure travel and not recommended for business-related stays.

Are all Hilton hotels included in this program?

Most Hilton properties participate, but it’s always best to check on the www.hilton.com/go website.

What if I face any issues while using the website?

Customer service is available around the clock. You can reach them through the website’s contact us page.

Can I cancel my booking?

Cancellation policies vary by property. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.


The Hilton Family and Friends program, accessible via www.hilton.com/go, is an incredible way for relatives and friends of Hilton team members to enjoy luxurious stays at discounted rates. This guide should serve as your roadmap to understanding and making the most of the program. So, whether you’re just learning about it or are looking to maximize your benefits, knowing your way around www.hilton.com/go can make your Hilton experience that much richer.