4 Essential Cycling Gear for Beginners

Cycling is a popular activity in Australia. You will find many fantastic roads and trails for your cycling trip in the country. You can enjoy the scenic views of Rottnest Island, Great Ocean Road, Magnetic Island and Maria Island while cycling. So, in case you are new to cycling, you can consider all these routes. In addition to this, you cannot go cycling in your regular outfits. Hence, you need appropriate cycling gear like bike shoes, shorts, gloves and so forth. So, you can read further if you want to know the essential gear for cyclists.

  1. Shorts: Bike shorts come in two different styles, body-hugging and baggy. When it comes to the baggy style, some features are similar to the body-hugging ones under the loose exterior layer. Both the types comprise padding, which is also called chamois. The padding helps absorb moisture and protects the body’s region, which is in contact with the saddle. For riders who remain in the saddle for a prolonged time, close-fitting shorts are preferred. With the close fit shorts, excess fabric is eliminated between you and the seat, which leads to saddle sores and friction burns. In addition to this, they also create wind resistance. Cyclists prefer wearing close-fitting shorts. So, they use petroleum jelly on the parts of the nether region where there is friction between the chamois and themselves. Riders generally prefer loose shorts because they stand out of the saddle on off-road trails and in the backcountry. The baggies are associated with mountain bike culture, whereas the body-hugging shorts are associated with road-bike culture. You can wear any of those types for cycling.
  2. Jerseys: Since you are new to cycling, you must know that jerseys fit better than most regular clothes. Some are designed to be aerodynamic so that they can resist the wind. You won’t find the aerodynamic design in your regular clothing. Due to the resistance of the excess wind, wearing the jerseys can give you a better cycling experience. They are more comfortable too. When it comes to the design, the sleeves and shoulders have a wider cut. It will give your arms greater comfort when you lean forward on the handlebars. The best part about jerseys is that they come equipped with pockets, making it easy for you to carry some of your necessary items while cycling. You can carry keys, cellphones and other items in the front and side pockets. They have special pockets in the back to prevent items from falling off.
  3. Gloves: The gloves have padding in the palms so that they can cushion your hands. They are fingerless, and they can protect your arms if you crash.
  4. Shoes: Many beginners start cycling in tennis shoes. Although they are great for short rides, you must consider shoes that will last for longer rides. Longer rides can make your feet cramp or hurt from the repetitive flex of the feet. When you wear bike shoes, they can keep your feet from flexing due to the rigid soles. They can also reduce the possibilities of cramping and pain. In addition to this, they can optimise the transfer of energy to the bicycle pedals. There are two types of bicycle shoes like mountain bikes (MTB) and road cycling shoes. The difference between both shoes is that MTB shoes are not so rigid and have a lugged sole. Road cycling shoes have a cleat on the bottom, which can click into the pedal designed for the purpose. Since the soles of the road cycling shoes are smooth, they can help you with quick entry into the pedal if you are racing.
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