4 Tips for Building Up Your Record Collection

Have you recently started a record collection, but you’re not sure where to go next to buy music records and build your range? This article will outline four easy tips for building up your record collection. 

Make a List

If you’ve already started a record collection, then it’s well worth making a list of the holes in your collection. You might like a certain artist and want to buy music records that feature their music. If you know that you already like them, then you’re likely to also appreciate their other work. You may also wish to research similar bands to the ones that are already in your collection so you can buy music records that are in the same genre as ones you already have. You may wish to also seek out records that feature in lists of top 100 albums of all time, adding to the breadth of your collection and ensuring a good variety in the kinds of music you own. 

Check Second Hand Record Stores

If you wish to buy music records, then second hand record stores are good venues to find them. They often have a wide variety from which you can choose from, including rock, blues, jazz, popular and alternative. Often the owners of second hand record stores are very knowledgeable about music and can guide you to find new discoveries that you might like. You can equally head to sections of the store that are guaranteed to have artists that you already know and love, or you can ask the record store owner for a recommendation of a new band that could prove interesting. Either way, you’re unlikely to leave empty handed when you visit second hand record stores. 

Ask Friends and Family

Many people own records that they just don’t use or don’t value anymore now that the digital age has brought in more convenient ways of consuming music. If you still appreciate records and want to buy music records, you can sometimes get them for free from people who are getting rid of some of their possessions. Make sure you ask friends and family if they have any records that they don’t want anymore, as you never know if you could find some real gems that way. You parents probably grew up during the time when records were in their heyday, so it may be worth asking them if they want to part with any of their records. Sometimes people collect too many records than is practical, and when they need to move house, they have to give some away. If you put the word around that you’re looking to grow your collection, you could find yourself pleasantly surprised by some new additions.  

Try Opportunity Shops

Opportunity shops live up to their name, offering you the opportunity to buy music records at vastly discounted prices. There’s a bit of work involved, as you’ll have to trawl through the records one by one due to them often not being sorted into any kind of order. However, you can find some real bargains if you put the effort in. 


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