5 Supplements To Help You Maintain Your Skin Health

In Australia, a warm region nestled amid beaches, physical activity and a positive body image is emphasised. Thus, an active lifestyle and proper nutrition are becoming increasingly important. The projected CAGR for herbal minerals and supplements in this country from 2017 to 2022 is 3.6%. The anti-aging and skincare market is consistently growing and is about to reach USD 219.28 million by the year 2024. Women wanting to maintain their skin health can consider supplements like marine collagen in Australia that contains nutrients like copper, zinc, and manganese. These work to maintain skin elasticity and integrity. Below are some crucial supplements that you can consume with a wholesome diet to look and feel healthy from the inside out.


It’s a trace mineral that is most widely known for enhancing immune system function. It also aids in recovery from wounds. But many don’t know that it’s an essential mineral, protecting the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. A deficiency of zinc can hinder the process of DNA repair due to free radicals. It, in turn, speeds the aging process. Adults should consume around 40 mg of zinc every day. You can easily find its supplements if your daily meals do not fulfil its requirement.

Coenzyme Q10

It is an antioxidant compound that the human body generates naturally to change food into energy. Research on this antioxidant compound shows that it helps in minimising wrinkles and boosting skin texture. CoQ10 supplements are found to be effective in alleviating age-related problems, including a rise in oxidative stress. Oxidative stress means the damage in the cells and tissues due to the environment. A study published in BioJournals had 33 adults consume COQ10 supplements for three months. The result was dramatically reduced wrinkles and greater skin smoothness.

Marine Collagen

Anyone who likes to keep up with skincare trends in Australia must have heard the word marine collagen. Research is done by independent organisations like the Meat and Livestock Australia emphasise the growing popularity of collagen-based products among people. Various studies have shown how taking this form of collagen supplement repairs elastin protein fibres and skin collagen. It leads to a thickening of the epidermis or the outer skin surface. People who took this supplement experience enhanced skin hydration, firmness, and reduction in their wrinkles. You can find supplements of marine collagen in Australia in powder form, which you can easily mix into a glass of water, smoothie, or juice and drink daily. Moreover, it is available in flavours like cranberry, which makes consuming it even tastier.

Vitamin C

This vitamin not only prevents cold and flu from infecting you but also enhances the appearance and texture of your skin. It is also called ascorbic acid and works to diminish fine lines by stimulating collagen production. In addition, researchers have found that this vitamin, when delivered intravenously, also helps treat skin colouration. For the best results, take this supplement along with sources of omega-six fatty acids.

Vitamin E

It’s a very effective antioxidant that provides anti-aging support to women. When you are exposed to pollution and sunlight, the levels of vitamin E in your skin get reduced. Thus supplementing your diet with this antioxidant will help in reducing oxidative damage. Vitamin E supplementation also helps prevent wrinkle formation as it supports the growth of new skin cells and quickens the process of cell regeneration.


NMN supplement powder has gained attention not only for its potential anti-aging effects but also for its potential benefits for hair health. NMN is a precursor to NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), a molecule involved in various cellular processes, including energy production.

Research suggests that NAD+ levels decline with age, and this decline may contribute to hair loss and thinning. By supplementing with NMN, which can increase NAD+ levels, it is believed that hair health and growth may be supported.

While scientific studies specifically examining the effects of NMN on hair health are limited, some anecdotal evidence and preliminary research suggest a positive association. However, it’s important to note that more research is needed to fully understand the efficacy and safety of NMN supplementation for hair health.

If you are interested in trying NMN supplements for potential hair benefits, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific needs and help you make an informed decision. Additionally, it’s recommended to choose supplements from reputable brands and ensure that you follow the recommended dosage instructions.

The market share of skin health supplements in Australia is 17.3 per cent. Increasingly more women are looking into supplementation for improving their skin health. But remember to buy supplements only from a trusted brand to reap the most benefits.