9 Different Low Budget Ways To Transform Your Bath Into A Modern Luxury Space

Believe it or not, luxury spaces have the same effect on your eyes as those prescribed eye drops by your ophthalmologist. The effect intensifies in the case of luxury modern bathrooms.

After all, who doesn’t love a luxurious modern bathroom? Just imagining waking up in the morning and steeping in such a serene space can lead to instant dopamine release. Such a fantastic start to the day.

Keep reading this article to learn 9 different low-budget ways to revamp your bathroom into state of the art and enjoy a luxurious morning.

1. Add A Bit Of White 

Painting your countertops and cabinets in white can give your bathroom an elegant look. You can also try replacing your bath linens with expensive white towels to add to the effect. 

Neutral off-white paint and white linens, if paired together, create a luxurious harmony giving a lavish hotel bathroom touch.

2. Grey Tiles 

The colour grey is symbolic of balance and neutrality. Perhaps it’s also why the colour adds a soothing sensation to its surrounding. Replacing your bathroom tiles with grey monochrome tiles will give them a more spacious appearance.

It’s also why many people for grey tiles while refurbishing their bathroom.

3. Paint It Monochromatic 

Monochrome themes aren’t just a whimsy fashion trend. The hype is real. Monochromatic theme bathrooms are famous for their relaxing and spa-like vibes. Painting your bathroom walls as the colour of your tiles can help you achieve the spa-inspired monochromatic look.

4. An Outdoor Touch 

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that a luxury modern bathroom has at least one outdoor element. It can be a big potted plant or a huge window with a great view. Adding outdoor elements to your bathroom not only gives it a luxurious touch but also has several feng shui effects as well. 

5. Wainscoting 

Even if you cannot incorporate any of the aforementioned changes, adding elegant wainscoting to your bathroom will do the trick. However, remember to stick with neutral colours. It’s okay even if your wainscoting isn’t white, but it’s a disaster if it’s not neutral in colour.

6. Pop The Colours Up 

Although a completely white bathroom is pleasing and aesthetic in its place, so are pop of stunning aqua. Choose an accent colour and spread it throughout your bathroom to give it an expensive look. 

Towels, rug work, mirror frames, hamper, and rugs are a few accent pieces that you can experiment with.

7. Tints Of Woods 

Adding a few wooden elements to your bathroom gives it a calming and relaxing retreat style. Such styles are very prevalent in luxury ski lodges and resorts. You can also pair the wooden accents with neutral wall paints to redefine the entire style of your bathroom.

8. Jewel Tones 

Making a few changes in the powder can transform the entire look of your bathroom. Painting the powder room with dramatic jewel colours is inexpensive to make it look expensive. If possible, use deep colour paints for the tasks.

Combine the look with the proper lighting, and your glamorous powder room is ready!

9. Wallpaper Makes Your Bathroom More Personalised 

Last but not least, you can use old-school style wallpaper to make your bathroom look more customized and relaxing. Pastel wallpapers are a popular choice for their elegant vibe. 

Summing Up

Redecorating your bathroom to your preferences, if not luxury, doesn’t require a big budget. You can redefine your bathroom look simply by utilizing the trick mentioned above. 

Moreover, if your bathroom is spacious, you can add pendants or an expensive showpiece to elevate its overall style.