A Beginner’s Guide to Spells & Rituals

Magic doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating. Spells and rituals range from the ultra-simple to the ridiculously complex. You can witch it up solo or call a few friends over to form a circle. The most important part of spell casting is that you feel comfortable and it feels accessible to you. Start small and experiment with different herbs in baths and potions. Make note of how you feel after your spell work. And always remember: YOU are magic. The tools, ritual spell kits and spells just help you harness it.


Your words hold immense power. Record your intentions and vocalize them daily. Chant them in the presence of your altar. Be mindful of what you express aloud and convey to others. Embrace the notion that your words are akin to spells, and witness how life transforms with beauty and intentionality.

Morning Ritual

Begin your day with a touch of magic by infusing your morning coffee or tea with intention. After adding your desired ingredients, gently stir clockwise while reciting a special mantra or setting your intention for the day. For example, affirming “My day overflows with abundance and joy” will suffice.

Bay Leaf Abundance Spell

Harness is one of the simplest yet most gratifying spells available. Retrieve a bay leaf from your pantry and tuck it into your wallet or any place where you store your money or credit cards. As you do so, close your eyes and declare, “Abundance effortlessly flows to me, multiplying every dollar I spend threefold.”

Simple Candle Spell

Candle magic may seem complex, but anyone can begin practicing it today, regardless of expertise. Candles embody the purifying and rejuvenating energy of fire, which symbolizes inspiration and creativity. While there are various shapes, colors, and types of spell candles available, you don’t need to splurge to incorporate candle magic into your practice. A basic white candle from a dollar store will suffice!

To start, hold any new candle in your hands and establish a clear intention. Keep your wish straightforward and focused. If helpful, write your intention on a piece of paper, fold it, and place it beneath the candle as it burns.

Once your intention is set, ignite the candle and allow it to burn until it naturally extinguishes. Remember to never leave a burning candle unattended, and promptly snuff and relight the candle as needed.

Shower Cleansing Spell

Require an energetic reset? A straightforward shower cleansing spell can work wonders. Particularly beneficial for busy parents, this ritual can be performed daily. During your next shower, visualize the water purifying your energy field, washing away anything that no longer serves you as it circles the drain. If visualization isn’t your strong suit, simply intend for the water to cleanse away any negativity. This ritual serves as an excellent way to begin your day or to wash away the stress accumulated from a long day.