A Brief Note on Common Flies

There is no place in the world that is free of flies. Hence, it isn’t a surprise that you are troubled with flies that is affecting the hygiene of your home. The matter is more troublesome if you and your dear ones are suffering from mosquito bites too. Many Americans are not aware that common flies are at their home and work spaces. Thus, unable to take proper measures to prevent them from entering their place.

The commonest and most effective mode to block their entrance is installing fly screens. You don’t have to search far as Premier Screens provide the best quality fly screens for your home or office doors and windows. All that needs to be done is visit their website and place the order. The shipping of the screens and installation will be taken care without you making an efforts.

Now, more about some common flies that aren’t favored at all:

House & Fruit Fly Facts for Kids - What Do Flies Eat?

  • House fly – The most common form of fly that infests every home is the house fly. They are dangerous as they are carriers of filthiness that infests food. Thus, people consuming the food fall sick. The larvae of the flies can be seen on the kitchen counter and in dark places. The adult fly can be easily seen and waded away by using mosquito-repellent accessories. However, the best solution is by fitting appropriate fly screen and keeping the house clean.
  • Cluster fly – They aren’t highly common like house flies however can be found roaming the quiet place of your home. It can be your garage, attic or any place that you seldom visit often. In the winter times, they try to hibernate in the warm places and even like to sit on the window pane to bask under the sun rays.
  • Horse fly – As the name suggests they are more in favor of living in sheds of livestock. They are interested in biting the animals resulting in health issues and making them lose weight. Their bites are quite painful and you find means to end the discomfort immediately. Their mouth seems like knives thus bites promote pinching pain.
  • Bluebottle fly – They love to enjoy the dirty titbits present in or near the dustbins. Thus, you will find them hovering around garbage often. Yes, they are carriers of diseases as they sit on dead animals, faeces and rotten waste. Their body color is different from other flies as it resembles metallic blue color.
  • Fruit fly – They are commonly found in orchards, storage houses where the fruits are kept to ferment or ready to be packed. They are the unwanted visitors of breweries and vineyards.
  • Filter flies – They often visit your house’s sewage, drains and hovering around stagnant water. They are carriers of diseases thus best to prevent them from entering home.

Flies of any kind can be stopped from entering your living or working premises easily by cleaning the place regularly, using mosquito repellents and installing screens that keep the flies at bay. You can contact your nearest fly screen dealers and have them fixed fast within your budget