Best durable alternatives for travertine stones

Travertine stones are extremely popular. In Melbourne, almost every other household is installing travertine stone. It is considered a luxury stone as they are a part of patio paving and swimming pools. 

Travertine works the best for outdoor paving. It is naturally porous, which is why it can easily suit the needs of walking around during rainy days. Since it is porous, you wouldn’t have to worry about the floor being slippery. However, the cost of maintenance for travertine stones is pretty expensive. 

Whenever installing the travertine stones, it is necessary to consider the sealing terms as well. Nonetheless, there are several ideas that you can try. 

Alternatives for travertine stone

Travertine stones are readily available in the market. Nonetheless, it is necessary to consider how you can decorate them. But, if you have a limited budget, you will need to consider what the most effective alternatives would be. So, if you have a limited budget for your paving project, you can consider alternatives for travertine stone. 

Here are all the potential alternatives for travertine stones. 

Natural sandstone

Natural sandstone is one of the best alternatives to travertine stones. It is available in different shades and colours. Consistency is the key when installing the outdoor flooring. 

Like travertine stone, natural sandstone has many benefits and can be used effectively in outdoor areas. Moreover, they are natural, so you can totally consider them. 


Bluestone is yet another alternative for travertine stone. It is prevalent because of its weird characteristics. Compared to natural sandstone and travertine, bluestone is highly affordable. Furthermore, bluestone has the same shade as that of travertine. 

Bluestone can be effectively used for outdoor uses such as patios, paths, decks and more. Compared to travertine, bluestone is extremely beneficial. 


Flagstone is also one of the best alternatives for travertine stone. It is available in irregular shapes and has big cuts too. Moreover, it is cheap too, which is why you should consider installing it. 

Flagstone can be effective for various uses such as patios, swimming pool decks and other benefits too. Like most natural stones, flagstones are available in various colours, shades, textures and tones. Moreover, flagstone also has a comprehensive pattern that can be helpful in the long run. 


Slate Stone have unique structures, which is why you can consider them in the long run. They are readily available in the market. The slate stones have the same texture as that of travertine stone. 

It is highly crucial to install slate stones carefully. If you are satisfied with the shades and colours of the slate stone, you can proceed with it. Slate stones can be effective for indoor and outdoor applications too. However, slatestone is the cheapest alternative available in the market. 

Various alternatives of travertine stones are easily available in the market. Stone Hub has the best Pavers Melbourne with the expertise in their field and can therefore assist you in the process. However, it is necessary to consult the suggestions and what the benefits are. Moreover, you can also consider the overall cost of installation and more.