Best Sides That Pair Well With BBQ Wings

When you search online for “chicken wings near me,” you’re ready to tuck into their hot, juicy goodness. But, before you submit your order, think about the best sides to pair with your BBQ wings. Here are five ideas to consider.

1. Why Sweet Potatoes & Chicken Wings Go Together

When your chicken wing delivery arrives, plan to serve up a baked or boiled sweet potato or sweet potato fries with it. Sweet potatoes are a true superfood, rich in antioxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins. They also promote healthy vision and may boost your immune system and brain function. In addition, their colorful, slightly nutty flesh provides a nice contrast in taste and texture to chicken wings and is visually appealing on your plate.

2. How Bread Complements Your Wings Feast

People love wings for their juicy, delicious meat and because they’re finger food. If you’re looking for a side that lets you sop up your wing gravy and dipping sauce, turn to bread. Whether you’ve got a favorite loaf at home or you order Papa John’s breadsticks, cheese sticks, jalapeno garlic rolls, or garlic knots, bread makes a perfect addition to your wings feast.

3. What the Perfect Dipping Sauce Is for You BBQ Wings

Before you place your order for your BBQ wing delivery, don’t forget to check out Papa John’s dipping sauces. The perfect sauce for your BBQ wings depends on you and your family or dining companions. Your choices include barbeque, blue cheese, buffalo, cheese, honey mustard, pizza and spicy garlic.

Of course, anyone can mix and match sauces to create their own special sauce. Add breadsticks or cheese sticks to your order for an alternative dipping experience.

4. How To Build a Chicken Meal With Papa’s Poppers

Build a side-by-side meal when you add Papa’s Chicken Poppers to your Papa’s Wings order.  The poppers, made from all-white chicken breast raised without antibiotics, are lightly breaded and oven-baked.  Add bread and a homemade tossed salad or vegetable side to your poppers and wings, and you’ve got yourself a complete chicken meal! As with the wings, you can choose the dipping sauce that best suits your palate.

5. Why Pasta’s a Winner With Wings

Chicken and pasta have long been menu pairings. Examples include chicken alfredo, creamy chicken penne, fried chicken and mac and cheese, and roasted chicken and orzo. When you’re hungry for pasta with your wings, make classic mac and cheese from scratch or a box.

If it’s hot weather or summertime, whip up a batch of macaroni salad. Add a variety of diced veggies such as carrots, celery, radishes and water chestnuts for color and crunch, and you’ll create a perfect taste-and-texture partner to your BBQ wings.

Have these tempting side-dish ideas made you hungry for BBQ and chicken wings? If so, place a six- to 50-piece order or more from your local Papa John’s today. Then, add sides from the menu, the store or your kitchen. Whichever sides you choose, you’re ready for a feast!

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