Brain Tumor signs and how they can be treated

What does a brain tumor mean?

A Brain Tumor is an unusual muscle growth in the brain that can cause severe discomfort in day-to-day life and can even get life-threatening in some cases.

Common signs of a brain tumor

A person with a tumor in the brain will often experience the following symptoms.

  • Very severe headaches that occur frequently
  • Facing issues in speaking
  • Problems in vision
  • Weakness, followed by nausea
  • Having hearing problems
  • Confusion and difficulty in thinking
  • Having seizures
  • Behavioral changes
  • Feeling of dizziness
  • Weak memory
  • Facing difficulties in walking or maintaining balance
  • Feeling numb on either side of the body
  • Trouble in sleeping

How is a brain tumor diagnosed?

A person who faces some or all of the symptoms of a brain tumor must reach out to an experienced doctor as soon as possible. Go to a specialist doctor like Dr. Vikas Goswami who is the best oncologist in Noida, to get your diagnosis done accurately. A brain tumor diagnosis usually involves one or more of the tests below.

Physical and Neurological examination

A physical and neurological examination of the eyes, ears, muscles, etc. is done to test and examine the vision, hearing abilities, reflexes, body strength, balance, and coordination capabilities. A test of memory and thinking as well as evaluating abilities is also done. All these tests will give the doctor an idea of the presence and location of the tumor.

MRI Scan of the brain

An MRI scan of the head is done by using a special dye that can give a clear imprint of the inside of the brain. This can give an idea of the size and exact location of the tumor inside the head.

CT Scan of the brain

CT Scan is mostly used as an alternative to the MRI Scan and works similarly to it. Though an MRI Scan is preferred because it gives a more clear image of the brain and the blood vessels.


Angiography involves the process of injecting a dye into the artery, usually through the groin region, which can travel to the arteries present inside the brain and hence give an indication about the blood supply path of the tumors. This information is generally used at the time of the surgery.

X-rays of the skull

X-rays can look for the presence of fractures or cracks in the skull that are often caused by a brain tumor. It can also find calcium deposits, some of which can contain a brain tumor inside them.


A tumor sample is taken out during a biopsy, which is later observed by a neuropathologist to find out the origin and the cancerous or non-cancerous nature of the tumor.

How is the treatment of a Brain tumor done?

The treatment depends on the grade, size, type, and location of the tumor. The type of treatment procedure used also depends on the patient’s current health condition and age. To ensure the treatment is completed without complications, get it done by Dr. Vikas Goswami, the best oncologist in Noida, at Zeeva clinic. Treatment for brain tumors often involves procedures like surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. These procedures can be used as the only one or as combinations for the treatment. Some of the common treatments that are carried out to cure a brain tumor are as follows.


Surgery is performed to remove the whole/some part of the tumor. Surgical treatment involves procedures like craniotomy in which the skull is opened by the neurosurgeons to have the maximum possible access to the tumor and then remove it.

Radiation Therapy

For Radiation therapy, high-energy beams like X-rays are used to destroy small tumors or shrink the size of the bigger ones to make further treatment easier.


In Radiosurgery, very focused radiation beams such as gamma rays or proto rays are used for radiation therapy.


Brachytherapy is a special type of therapy in which small radioactive sources are implanted close to the tumor through surgery.


Chemotherapy involves the usage of drugs or medications that can kill cells infected with cancer. These drugs can be given to the patient through pills or injections. This therapy is commonly used after surgery so that any remnants of the cancer cells can be destroyed and removed from the body completely.

Targeted Drug Therapy

This therapy is often used as an alternative to chemotherapy. The drugs used for this therapy concentrate on specific abnormalities of the cancerous cells so they lose favorable conditions to grow and eventually die on their own.


After the surgery is done, recovery processes are also done so that the patient can get back to their normal routine life as soon as possible. The best oncologist in Noida, Dr. Vikas will guide you at every step of the treatment to ensure complete and quick recovery of the patient. If diagnosed early, the treatment for removing the tumor is fairly easy and far less complicated. Hence, it is recommended to consult the best oncologist in Noida, Dr. Vikas Goswami, at your earliest convenience if you see signs that may indicate the presence of a tumor in your brain.