BrevilleDual Boiler Espresso Machine: The Baristas Choice


The Breville Dual Boiler Espresso machine is one of the top espresso machines that you can find according to Espresso Gurus. This machine is namely the baristas choice. Here we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about this wonderful machine and how you can make the best tasting coffee out there.

This amazing machine has a dual boiler heating system. The boiler, for the espresso shot, can be temperature regulated. The steam boiler,separate from the boiler, creates instant and powerful steam on the go. Therefore, you can extract your shot at any temperature needed, while producing a great flavor, and at the same time, steaming your milk to cafe quality. Breville creates true specialty coffee at home. No need for you to go out and buy expensive cups of coffee anymore!



This dual stainless-steelboiler, comes with a temperature control. This boiler will bring your water up to your desired temperature, to produce maximum flavor, over and over again.

Milk Foaming:

A stainless-steel steam wand, powered by a gentle boiler, produces micro-foam texture, just like a commercial machine will create. Essential for those true coffee-lovers and latte art fanatics.

Flavor Control:

Do you like your coffee light or dark roasted? This machine is perfect for you. With its ability to extract the most flavor out of the espresso, is perfect for those who love the powerful taste of coffee. Additionally, it comes with a shot regulator – you can have one, two or any amount required.


This beautiful machine comes in stainless steel and in three different colors: Silver, red and black. You can have the desired look that will easily and beautifully match your kitchen.

LCD Display:

This ensures easy usage, with many features, including a shock-clock to time those perfect extractions.

Shot Control:

If you’re an extreme coffee-lover and enjoy a good cup of strong coffee this is great for you. You can choose one or two shots, and if that isn’t right for you, there is a control system which allows you to have any amount of espresso in your cup.


14.1” x 14.6” x 14.7” witha84oz water tank capacity.


Choose how much coffee you want, what temperature you’d like it at and if you want to do it manually or automatically.


This astonishing machine is priced at $1499. However, it can be paid off monthly at $140 per month, perfect for those on a budget.


This machine can last you a lifetime. Since itis made out of stainless steel, you never have to worry about rust getting to it and destroying your beloved machine. Additionally, this machine comes with a two-year warranty – no need to worry about a broken machine!

This machine is perfect for coffee fanatics who really want the coffee experience from home. Say goodbye to your boring cups of coffee, because with this machine, you can make anything your heart desires, again and again.