Can henna damage your hair? Read Now!

Henna is an excellent herbal product for your hair, and it is well known for its ease of dying/coloring hair without any complicated process. If you have used henna for hair, you know how good this herbal product works.

This natural product is really helpful in preventing sun damage and dust particles and is a better conditioner than other chemical products. Henna is a great natural hair dye, but people still doubt how safe this product is and how much one can trust it for daily use, or should one use it daily?

There are many myths about this product, but those who doubt have no idea about different types of henna and the way/method of usage. This article will bust the myths and answer the FAQs about henna and its usage. Read on to understand more about this natural hair coloring/dying product.

What are the benefits of this product?

  • It accelerates hair growth
  • It helps you get multiple shades
  • It nourishes the scalp
  • It prevents hair fall and split ends
  • Very useful in balancing pH of the hair and oil nourishment

Even though this product has many benefits, people are still ignorant about some of its processes and features. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about this product.

Is henna bad for the hair?

The usual hair dyes could contain many chemicals that are harmful to your hair and scalp. But the henna and some vegetable dyes are found to be much safer than these dyes.

What does it do to your hair?

This product is considered a great conditioner for your hair, and your hair will be stronger and thicker. It also makes the hair shinier for a longer time.

How often should you use this product?

Using this product every three or four weeks is absolutely good for your hair and scalp. And it always depends on how quickly your hair grows. Using this product with other Indian herbal oils will benefit you more than using it solo.

Is semi-permanent dye possible afterward?

To apply a semi-permanent color, one will have to wait until the henna is totally faded as there is henna in only a certain number of colors, such as copper, brown, and mahogany.

Can one put hair dye over this product?

People are sometimes not sure about applying hair color over henna, and they are right. Henna sometimes reacts badly with other hair colors and will result in hair or scalp damage. Always research about the procedure or ask a friend or consult a hairstylist before you try this combination.

Can you bleach over henna?

You should resist the urge to bleach your hair immediately after the application of henna. The bleach opens the follicles of the hair and lets the colors go deeper inside. It would be best if you always waited till the product slightly shades away before applying bleach.

Can it do serious damage to your hair?

If you are using these products with additives, chemicals, preservatives like (PPD) it will definitely damage your hair and our scalp and will possibly make the hair brittle and thin.

The use of henna for hair will not do any harm unless you combine it with different chemical products, bleach, and the things mentioned above. The use of henna (solo) has never damaged the hair or scalp. If you know the correct method/procedure of the application of this product, you will never experience any bad reaction or damage to your hair/scalp.

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