Clever Hacks to Design Low Ceilings

A good interior home design means a space where you can live safely and comfortably. It will hugely impact your lifestyle and day-to-day activities. Therefore, you must pay attention to every aspect of your interior design. This involves the ceiling design as well. 

Many people make the mistake of not focusing on the ceiling while designing the rest of the home. The ceiling design is crucial because it influences the look of your interior home design. Rooms with high ceiling designs appear more spacious and large. Decorating them is quite easy. You will not have to worry about the room appearing trapped. On the other hand, rooms with small ceiling designs appear small and little. You will have to be careful as the room can feel compact and cluttered. However, this does mean you cannot make the interiors appear spacious. There are a few simple hacks that will allow you to make your room with a small ceiling appear spacious and appealing. If you are not aware of them, here are they:

01 of 05 Choose the right colours for the space

Colours can hugely influence the look of any space. When you are designing the interiors of your home decor with a pop design simple & classic, you must be careful with the colours. Some colours are not great for small spaces and can make your room appear even smaller. Your focus should be on colours that make a space appear larger. Experts suggest choosing light colours. They will create the illusion of a larger space and make your interior home design appear bigger. Just make sure that the colour of the ceiling is lighter than the colour used for painting the walls. Also, avoid adding too many different tones to the walls. You can make your room interiors with a small ceiling design appear larger by choosing the same colour for the walls and the ceiling. The continuation creates the illusion of a larger space. 

02 of 05 Hang your curtains high 

Paining the low ceiling design to make it appear higher is a great idea, but it takes a lot of effort. Also, you will have to make some expenses for the paint and ceiling. If you do not have the budget and time, you can opt for simpler solutions. For instance, you can make your room appear bigger or smaller by adjusting the height of the curtains. When you are living in a home with a low ceiling, install all your curtains higher. Installing the curtains closer to the ceiling will create the illusion of a larger space. It will draw the eyes all the way to the ceiling and trick them into thinking that the ceiling is higher. 

Be careful while raising the height of your curtains. You do not want to install them so high that they feel short at the bottom. It will make the interior design of your home decor appear awkward.

03 of 05 Select the furniture pieces carefully 

The furniture pieces are one of the primary elements of a room. They have a huge impact on the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a room. You should be careful when choosing furniture for your room with a low ceiling. If you choose furniture that appears heavy and tall, your room will appear smaller. Contrary to that, the room appears taller when you choose furniture pieces that are minimalistic and short. 

04 of 05 Opt for customised doors and windows

You can make your ceiling design appear taller by customising the doors and windows, and playing with the joinery. Experts suggest lifting up the lintel levels higher so that they get closer to the ceiling. It will allow more natural light to enter your indoors and make the space appear larger. However, it is not always possible to lift up the lintel levels. In such cases, you can easily deal with the situation by installing architectural glass panels above your doors and windows.

05 of 05 Add lots of glass elements 

When you want to make any space appear larger, you should introduce more glass elements. It will make the interiors appear more spacious. You can use this trick for your room with a short ceiling as well. There are various ways to incorporate glass elements into your room’s interior design. For instance, you can install a glass door that will allow you to see through and ensure that sufficient light can enter indoors. It will make your room with a low ceiling appear taller. Similarly, you can opt for glass partitions that will allow you to separate two spaces without blocking clear view or light. Many modern homes feature skylights on the ceiling as well. You can choose one to make your room appear larger and more elegant.