Concentrations and Uses of CBD

The extraction of cannabidiol from the cannabis sativa plant has been used in the production of various CBD products with various beneficial effects in the body. These vary in terms of concentration and uses.   They include;


These are the common types of CBD products and extracted by the use of solvents and are highly concentrated. They are ingested by placing a few drops under the tongue for a minimum of one minute and are available in a range of doses depending on the use.   

However, they are associated with an unpleasant taste.   


These are the simplest forms of CBD products and are available in concentrations ranging between 10mg and 25mg of cannabidiol.

They are ingested orally with a glass of water and it is advised to take them immediately before or after meals to increase their efficacy.

However, they take a lot of time to work once ingested.   


These contain the highest concentration of cannabidiol compared to other CBD products. The ingestion of concentrates is by placing them under the tongue just like tinctures.

However, it is recommended to start with low doses for concentrates since they contain a high concentration of cannabidiol.   


These are a type of CBD products that are used by applying them on the surface of the skin. They include lotions, shampoos. Lip balms and creams.

They have been proven effective in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis, reducing inflammation, pain and also for anti-aging purposes.   

Vape oil

These involve the use of an electronic cigarette or a vape pen to smoke cannabidiol by heating and inhaling a given amount of vape oil.

However, these types of CBD products are known to be less effective when compared with other CBD products.   


These involve infusing cannabidiol in gums and sweets which are ingested directly by chewing although they may take longer periods of time before effects are realized. They are also associated with digestive problems and controlling the amount of cannabidiol being ingested is difficult.   


These are a type of CBD products that are known to contain the least amount of cannabidiol concentration. They are ingested by spraying into the mouth a maximum of three times.

However, it is impossible to measure the amount of cannabidiol ingested by spraying.   


These are a type of CBD products that use cannabidiol infused patches that are applied to the skin from which the cannabidiol is absorbed by transdermal means. They are effective in treating inflammation and pain.   

CBD powder

These are used by adding the powder into water or tea after which they are drunk delivering cannabidiol into the system.   

Therefore, it is important to decide on which type of CBD product that is best for your condition and the right dosage in order to have better results.

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