Denture Implants 101: All You Need To Know

Why worry about a life without teeth when denture implants can bring back that perfect smile? Denture Implants Brisbane dental clinics have to offer come in both types, partial or complete sets. Partial sets are for those who have lost only a few teeth, whereas the full implants are for those who have lost a significant number and need help speaking or chewing. People who require complete dentures are usually older patients and those who lost their teeth in an unfortunate accident. It’s easy to get confused about them, but not to worry! This article highlights every critical thing there is to know about denture implants. Typically in Australia, the price for a straightforward dental implant can range between $3,000 – $6,500 per tooth

What Are They?

Denture implants are artificial teeth attached to synthetic gums that they make to replace any lost teeth. They customise the dentures for every patient to match their jaw shape, size and colour of their teeth and gums. Dentures come in sets for lower or upper jaws and allow patients to maintain good oral health and hygiene. 

Procedures For Denture Implants:

Implant dentistry has found to be practised by many dental clinics across the country, with scope for growth in the years to come. For the complete set of the denture to be implanted, any remaining teeth, especially the decaying ones, are removed from the upper or lower jaw or both for the operation. It is to ensure that the decay does not spread to the jaw bone and cause bone loss. Once the proper shape and size of the patient’s jaw is recorded, surgical anchors are affixed into the jaw bone via surgery to fix these upper partial dentures permanently. After the surgery, one should give the gums a brief time of about 6-8 months to heal fully. The artificial set of teeth is made out of synthetic resin that can last up to 20 years if properly maintained. 

Benefits of New and Improved Full Dentures:

Denture Implants in Brisbane clinics have to offer more advanced types of implants than traditional ones. The traditional ones can quickly get loose, and it is difficult to chew hard food without the risk of damage or wear. Newer implants help maintain the shape and strength of the jaw and the oral cavity and do not require any adhesives to stay in place. 

Some Things To Keep in Mind After A Full Denture Implantation Procedure

  • Remove Them Before Bed: one does this to reduce stress on the gums and prevent damage. Leaving these implants in the mouth for a considerable amount of time can lead to receding of gums and cause bad breath. They recommend soaking these dentures in warm water before going to bed. 
  • Dentures Can Be Uncomfortable: Denture implantations can be uncomfortable to start with, but they can get easier to use with practice over time. Certain discomforts such as uneasiness and excess salivation are often expected and will go away with time. It also takes some hard practice to get used to the new implants, and dentists recommend speech practice and therapy.
  • Always Go For Regular Appointments: one must undertake regular appointments with the dentist at least once every few months to ensure that the implants are in good conditions. It also helps the doctor to check if the gums and the mouth are getting used to the implants and if further dental procedures are required. 
  • Don’t Forget Basic Hygiene: one should continue brushing as usual, and dentures come with special brushes used for cleaning twice every day. One must also do proper cleaning to ensure that the artificial teeth are not stained or discoloured due to food or beverages.