Emoji Meanings: How to Use and Interpret Some of Them

Communication is essential to all of us because we use it every day. It’s our method of sending someone a message and showing them what we like, dislike, think, feel, and have a stranglehold of relationships. With the available technological products today, connecting with different people is effortless.

Today, many people take advantage of technologies to link themselves with others digitally, and that is possible if you use smartphones and the applications from it. In this generation, people always use emojis when delivering their message to other people. You can also use it as your tool to connect with people, and you can improve your messages and insert more meaning to it with its help. With different emojis available today, it’s possible to add mixed emotions to your message.

With the use of emojis, you can deliver feelings or emotions, not needing any words. While there are many emojis to choose from, there are times that you can’t memorize or familiarize every emoji. That is also the reason why this article will help you understand the meaning of some emojis. So here’s how to use and interpret some of the emojis.

Purple Heart Emoji 💜

Using this emoji is perfect for showing other people some love. The emojis is a picture of a heart that is purple, and it looks beautiful and pure. The meaning of purple heart emoji can be affection, love, or even admiration.

It can also be a maternal quality that our mom can use because of its beautiful color. You can use and insert it in a mother’s day message, and mothers can also express their affection and care for their children by using the emoji. The young generation will also possibly use this emoji to decorate their messages to send to other people.

Heart with Arrow Emoji 💘

The emoji makers introduced this heart-type emoji in public around 2010, and people also call it as a cupid emoji. It’s an image of a color pink heart pierced by an arrow, which sticks in from the top and sticks out to the left side. The meaning of the emoji could be romance, love, passion, desire, or falling in love.

It’s also commonly used when it is Valentine’s Day, but people can also use it in courting messages or romantic texts by two people falling in love. Uses can also use the heart with arrow emoji to symbolize their intense passion for someone or something.

Kiss Mark Emoji 💋

The emoji portrays an image of red lips that symbolizes a kiss. People often use it to deliver their kiss to a special someone. The kiss mark emoji have romantic meaning to it, and it is also a simple gesture of saying or greeting goodbye to other people. It could mean like, “Sending my kisses to you!.”

This emoji type appeared way back in 2010, and people know it now as a lips emoji, but others refer to it as a kiss symbol. There are also times that people might mention it as a lip emoji.


Today, it is common for people to use emojis because it gives life to their messages. It makes messaging fun and exciting because you can insert different types of emojis. It is also an excellent tool that people use, which is now accepted in every digital communication. If you want to send a sincere message to your friend, flirt with your other half, or you want to put emotions to your words, then it’s achievable if you use the right emoji on the book.

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