Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

Most of you do not even think twice when heading off to a store to buy a ceiling fan. But when you have to pick up the right lights or shop for the color and design of the drapes, you are quite overwhelmed. 

Gone are those days when you used to spot only those standard white color three-blade fans in every home. Today the stores have a huge variety of ceiling fans to match with the interiors of your home. With several options of fan styles and sizes, you need to consider a few important factors when choosing the right ceiling fan for your space, so that you get your money’s worth.

Whether you want to renovate your home, or upgrade a fan of any room, there are some points you should cross check when choosing your next ceiling fan with confidence. It is also important to choose the best dealer that offers the most advanced collection of amazing ceiling fans to suit the interiors of all homes.

Here are some important things to consider when choosing the right ceiling fan:


  • Location


When you have to choose ceiling fan’s design and style, the location plays an important part. You must mention to the dealer whether you are looking for a fan for indoors or outdoors.


  • Size


The size of your room or space will determine the size of the ceiling fan. A fan’s size is measured by the diameter of its blade span that must be proportional to your space. If the fan is too small for a particular room, it may not stir up good amount of air. On the other hand if it is too big, it would create a mini hurricane. If you buy from Fans City, their experts can provide professional advice on the size and style that would be perfect for your given space.


  • Number of blades


When you have to choose the right fan, more is not merrier. The number of blades a ceiling fan has is not an element of functionality but a mere design. There is a very little difference between functioning of 3, 4 or 5 bladed fans so you must choose on the basis of style, design and your preference of course. Though, remember, the more the blades, the more expensive the fan.

  • Motor

The key component of any ceiling fan is the motor as it propels any fan, therefore, a significant factor to consider. If the motor is of low quality, it can provide less air circulation after some time, operate noisily and also produce heat. The most advanced addition are the DC motors, as they are energy saving and powerful as well. They are supposed to be 70% more efficient as compared to a regular motor. Along with that they are soundless and small-sized which makes the ceiling fan lighter.

If you are looking for the traditional, contemporary or classic ceiling fans choose Fans City in Sydney. You can either buy from their Sydney store or online. Decorative and functional fans offered by Fans City help to save on cooling and heating costs.


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