Four Tips when Choosing the Best Armored Vehicle Company

Armored vehicles are designed to offer the highest level of protection to people from all types of assaults. As the demand for armored cars is increasing every day, a lot of armored vehicle companies are emerging into the market. The majority of these companies are coming up with vehicles that can protect their passengers against bullet shots and even grenade assaults.

When you start searching for armored vehicle companies, you will come across a lot of them. Each of these companies might claim they are the best in the industry. Because it can be confusing to choose the right company, this post will serve as your guide:

Choose a Company that Offers Luxury Options

Before you start looking for a good company that sells armored vehicles, you must consider the guidance of expert. Depending on what you require, a good company should be able to offer you some technologically advanced cars like luxury SUVs and sedans that can easily deal with the threats the society faces regularly. Armored car companies like Troy Armoring design their vehicles to look like normal vehicles.

Consider Blast and Ballistic Standard

It is important to check out if a company’s armored vehicle offers protection from all types of bullets like the bullets that snipers use and those that withstand heat. Ask the company about the kind of bulletproof glass they are using. Reputable companies use high-quality bullet-proof glass as it withstands various kinds of bullets like armor piercing. Also, as they make their vehicles lightweight, they should not compromise the ballistic protection.

Ensure the Company Offers a Cost Estimate

Reputable armoring companies would offer customers a cost estimate. They should also be ready to take cash in installment if you can’t afford the entire cost at one go. They can suggest other armored vehicles that can be used. Because these vehicles are not cheap, the company would gladly customise existing vehicles into bulletproof ones, reducing the cost greatly.

Pick a Company that Offer Vehicle Extras

The best armored car companies believe that armoring is more than providing protection through bulletproof glass, heavy-duty, run-flat tyres, armored fuel tank, and extra engine protection. If you want to invest in an armored car, just ask for improved protection upgrades available in the company’s armoring process. Extra features include under belly blast protection, easy-to-operate window, heavy-duty hinges, as well as brake system and suspension upgrade. Such upgrades will offer you 360-degree protection from any insurgency on the road.