Get all the information in one place:

Isn’t it a good idea that there should be a place where anyone can get all the information about a particular thing, whether it is about the building or office or library? That is why information counter [เคาน์เตอร์ประชาสัมพันธ์, which is the term in Thai]is placed in each and every office to give the clients all the information that they want regarding the company or anything else.

An information counter is a place in the building or office where anyone can go and get the information about where to find a thing in a building or ask about where a particular person sits inside the building of a company.

Importance of information counter

An information counter is a multi-purpose place designed to reduce the time of the person to get all information regarding the company or building. It is mainly focused on giving a quick solution to the customer about the company.

But doesn’t it necessary to give the information counter or desk a better design so that it can enhance the beauty of the office or workplace. It is also the important part of the company, and it should be designed in such a way that not only it enhances the beauty of the office but provides a great working experience to the person sitting behind the desk.

Design ideas for the information counter

It is mainly included in the firm to reduce the time. So, the information counter or desk should have the capacity of handling many persons at a single time. And it must be spacious enough to hold multiple items like printers, pc, and other electronic equipment and storage units for other items. If there is need to sign papers on the desk, then it should be at a minimum height that is reachable to each and every person and not to forget the design.

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