Get Exciting Gifts from BBQs 2u On Purchase of Kamado Joe and Ooni Pizza Ovens

More than £1.8 billion of grills, smokers, accessories, pizza ovens, fuel, and accessories are sold out in the UK to date. During the pandemic, the popularity of at-home baking and cooking rose as people stayed at home and ate more meals rather than eating out. Many top barbecue companies have taken advantage of this expansion. But BBQs 2u, the leading barbecue and pizza oven retailer in the UK, remained honest to their customers. 

This year when people are finally able to hit the roads, they are craving outside food. One of the BBQs 2u team members said, “When you crave to stay outside, you tend to eat outside as well. Since some of our favourite restaurants and eateries are still closed, we try to grill and cook outside more often.”

People have been into outdoor cooking and grilling more frequently because they have a strong desire to do anything outdoor. They want to now socialize with people while maintaining safety. What can be better than an outdoor/backyard barbecue with chilled beer? The recent urge of the feast has driven the sales of grills and ovens. 

BBQs 2u have seen tremendous growth in its sales in the past two years. This is only because UK people are passionate about barbecue. Even the team had not expected a huge demand and ended up being out of stock. But soon they were all ready with a fresh stock of Kamado Joe in their warehouse. 

Kamado Joe UK is a skilled broiler that can take on almost any grilling task. A Kamado griller will do wonders against the standard gas grill if users know the technique and have the expertise. It also makes wood-fired cooking simple, a method that produces delicious results.

  • The Big Green Egg is the high-profile traditional Kamado Joe model.
  • Others like Classic I, II, and III, Kamado Big Joe II, and III are also good at competing. 
  • The Kamado Joe – Kettle Joe is also the best choice among those who have a small backyard or love small gatherings. 

People have been buying barbecue grills crazily. The same scenario could be observed in pizza ovens. Ooni has set a standard of pizza ovens on the market, and BBQs 2u claims they’re well worth the investment.

Ooni currently offers 6 models and they are all differentiated based on their power source and size. Out of all of them, the Koda 12 and 16 are the most appreciated ones. 

The Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven cooks any 12” pizza in just 60 seconds. It fits in any outdoor space. The 9.25kg oven is easy to carry and lightweight. BBQs 2u is offering free Ooni Koda 12 carry cover with Koda 12 oven. 

BBQs 2u is a family business that is passionate about barbecue. You can see their love for grilling and baking on their social media live updates, posts, and news. You can follow them on their Instagram account to find more about the latest collections and recent news. Last month they launched a contest on Instagram with the Smoke Sear and The Village Butchers. The winner was given Kamado Joe Kettle worth £725 and a £150 meat hamper this month.