Get into a Workout Routine in Time for Winter

No matter how hard you try to get on top of winter exercise, it ends up being harder to keep up a steady exercise routine. What you need is an exercise plan that’s designed to keep you going. Let’s face it, guilt is not always the best motivator! If you’re already fed up with expensive long-term gym memberships that just end up costing you money for days you don’t use, it’s time to try a different option: a pay-per-use gym plan.

The Importance of Getting Active in Autumn

Whether you’re looking to find a workout routine that you’ll get more out of or just need to get back into the swing of things after time away, the fall is the most crucial time of the year. It’s not hard to understand why: everyone knows that as the colder weather arrives, people of all types tend to get a little more sluggish.

Not only do our bodies start to naturally adjust to being less active and carrying more insulating weight, but the opportunity for getting active arrives less often since we tend to spend less time outdoors. That’s why it’s so important to pick up the pace as soon as autumn hits. The better start that you get now, the easier it will be to carry your fitness plan through the winter.

Achieve Greater Success with a Fitness Coach

One way to ensure that you stick to your exercise program is to accelerate your progress with a fitness coach who can assess your progress and provide a training plan. One of the best things about trying out a pay-as-you-go gym is discovering that they offer all of the advantages of regular gyms without the hassle of the commitment. So you can still train with an expert to help you push through the more difficult months.

Don’t Wait for New Year’s Day

The biggest time of year to sell expensive gym memberships is New Year’s Day. There’s a reason for this, and it isn’t just the draw of New Year’s resolutions. The fact is that this date also coincides with exactly the time when anyone who was regularly active during the warmer months of summer and into early fall, suddenly realizes that their lack of exercise is really starting to show.

The Problem with Long-term Gym Memberships

You may have even succumb to this trend by buying a long-term gym membership at new year’s yourself. What you’re likely to find out is that you started using the gym at the time of year when it is the busiest, only to end up paying for time you don’t use once the winter really sets in.

The biggest problem of long-term commitments is that it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually waste money – that’s how gyms are able to charge for more memberships than their facilities have the capacity to allow.

It’s difficult to keep up a fitness routine at any time of year, but even harder during the colder season. But that’s exactly why it is critical to give your fitness that extra push. This year, try a new approach with a pay-as-you go gym. 

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