Get Rid of Mold in Your Carpet! 

Your home should be free of mold. If you have mold in your house, you must remove it as soon as possible as it causes serious health problems. It is easier to get rid of mold on hard surfaces. You just use a cleaning solution and rub the surface with it. However, it’s a different story when there’s mold growth on the carpet. The University of Central Florida reports that the mold and the mold spores can get as little as three microns. It means that mold can get into the fibers of your carpet and make itself at home there. 

There are several ways for you to get rid of the mold growth on the carpet. You don’t necessarily need to use some special techniques just to remove the tiny invaders that are harmful to you and your family’s health.

Molds on the carpet

Molds spread on the carpet by releasing spores. The mold spores are just everywhere in your home. The problem isn’t when it’s on the hard surfaces but when they’re stuck on the carpet. These things need moisture, and often, you’d find them in a dark, damp place in your homes, such as the basement or a bathroom with poor ventilation. When your carpet gets wet, it becomes a breeding ground for mold.

There are ways that your carpet can get wet, and it might be the leaking ceiling, a basement flood, just the humidity of your home, or the faulty carpet cleaning because you didn’t dry the carpet completely. Most homeowners forget that many rugs have that complex weaving at the back, and water gets trapped there. If you don’t do a thorough check of your wet carpet, then you won’t be able to spot that remaining moisture in there. Don’t forgot to choose the right auto detailing carpet extractor – technomono as suggested over 12.

Get rid of the mold

Here are some of the most effective ways to clean and get rid of mold growth in your carpet. 

Use water and dishwashing detergent

It’s the easiest and most basic solution, but it’s only effective for a less difficult mold situation. You can use this mixture and combine it with a shop vac or rug shampoo machine. Use hot tap water and put in about a tablespoon of dish soap/ Add the water first and then the soap to avoid too many bubbles in your combo. Read the instructions on your rug shampoo machine to get rid of that mold. 

Use vinegar and baking soda

It’s common knowledge how vinegar and baking soda mix is a great combination to slow down the growth of bacteria and mold. It also gets rid of that bad and harmful odor from your carpet. You need to start by soaking the area with most mold with vinegar for an hour and after that, rinse it using hot water. The next step is to create a thick paste with warm water and baking soda. Put it on the carpet and leave it for one more house. Use your shop vac or simply a brush to get the paste out from the mold area. 

Avoid growth of mold further

Prevention is better than cure, and in this situation, your best way of treating mold is by preventing it. Here are some tips for proper mold prevention in your carpet. 

Improve ventilation

Mold multiplies due to poor ventilation, so doing the opposite will help prevent it from coming back. You can use a fan in a carpeted room, or you can simply open your windows during the daytime to air out. Do either of these things at least two hours during the day. 

Use a dehumidifier

Control the moisture in your home with a dehumidifier. Put it near or facing the carpet to keep it dry or keep it turned on at night to get rid of that moisture in the air. 

Vacuum regularly

This is the most basic thing that homeowners do, and oftentimes, many don’t realize how big of a help it is to keep that moisture and other spores that are likely still in the fibers of your carpet. Vacuum daily to keep the moisture out and keep the integrity of your carpet. Make sure to use one of those HEPA-filtered vacuums for better results. This kind of vacuum cleaner can remove a huge amount of mold in minutes and keep them from coming back if done regularly. 

Take note of these tips and remember them the next time you see some mold growth in your carpet.

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