How is the Contingency Personal Injury Attorney Paid after Winning the Claim 

When you look for the best Rockford Personal Injury Attorney, insist on a contingency attorney. It implies that you do not have to pay the attorney upfront for his or her legal services. The injury attorney would provide you with all kinds of legal services without charging anything. Does that mean the injury attorney would work free of charge? Rest assured no attorney would handle your compensation claim free of charge. The injury attorney would be working on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. It does not imply the attorney would work on your case free of charge. 

It implies that the injury attorney would work on your injury claim on a ‘win to earn’ basis. The attorney would be paid only when he or she wins the claim for the victim. If the attorney fails to win the compensation claim for the victim, he or she would not be entitled to any fee. In addition, the expenses borne by the injury attorney would not be refunded by the victim or any other person. Rest assured the injury attorney would willingly handle the claim on a contingency basis. The injury attorney would go through the facts of the case, deduce the chances of winning the claim, and only then agree to take the risk. 

It would be a calculated risk taken by the injury attorney. The attorney would work in your favor along with working for his fee. Who would pay the fee if the injury attorney has won the claim for you? The injury attorney would be paid a pre-decided percentage as fee from the total amount won in compensation. Usually, the injury attorneys charge 33% of the total injury claim won by them from the negligent party and the insurance company. When the injury attorney wins the claim from the insurance company, the percentage as fee would be deducted prior to paying the victim. 


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