How to Choose a Room Divider Wall for Offices  

If you have a business with open floor space, you may be considering putting in a room divider wall for privacy. This requires you to consider several factors such as dimensions, flexibility, type of materials used, color, and style. You also need to consider the total available space in your office and how well the dividers fit into the space. Below is a guide for how to choose the best dividers to meet the needs of your business.


Do you want your room divider wall to be stationary or do you need the flexibility to move it if necessary? Another thing to consider with this question is whether you would like glass dividing walls that you can see through or a wall with a solid color. A see-through wall can be beneficial in an office environment because it allows people the ability to take a quick glance to see if the person they need to speak with is busy at the moment. A glass dividing wall also allows more natural light into the business environment.

Sliding or Folding

If you decide on a mobile dividing wall for your business, you also need to consider whether you prefer a sliding or folding unit. A sliding unit will only expand into a straight line. This enables it to act as a traditional wall regardless of the height and length. Its modern and simplistic appearance makes for a nice aesthetic at work. You might consider a sliding room divider if your available space is somewhat cluttered or uneven.

A folding room divider wall needs more available floor space to set up, especially if you intend to mount it to a wall. Even so, these types of dividers remain versatile due to their 360-degree hinges that allow for movement in all four directions. Thanks to the full range of motion available, it is possible to configure these walls into a C or L shape if desired. This helps to shape the surrounding space, and it could be ideal to separate two departments or distinguish a meeting area in a room from the rest of the room.


If you need dividing walls for privacy but still require good acoustics to improve communication, select materials that allow for this such as fabric. This material helps to block out unwanted noise while making it possible to hear conversations inside of the space at the same time.

Polycarbonate walls offer excellent strength and are available in a wide range of colors. They are simple, sleek, and modern in appearance. This material is also easy to clean from all the fingerprints and smudges it is certain to acquire throughout the day.

Once you have decided on these factors, you’re ready to move forward to request a quote.