How to Choose A Storage Garden Shed?

Are you considering purchasing a garden shed? If so you have your choice of several that give you an ability to select one that exactly fits your needs. To help you decide which one is best for you, here is an overview of the different types of garden sheds and the things you should look for.


How much do you have to spend on your garden shed? Your budget will definitely affect the type of shed you can purchase and what types of amenities it offers. Your budget will also determine the quality of the shed. In most cases, it is a price vs quality equation that you have to consider. Never look for the cheapest priced shed if the price is amazingly low. Remember that you usually get what you pay for.


Your garden shed will have to fit into a particular place in your yard and this place has its dimensions and shape. You should consider what you want to place in the shed because this will also determine its dimensions and might cause you to have to make some adjustments either to your plans for the shed or the place where you plan to put it. You might also have to consider commercial sheds Sydney as well.


There are three types of sheds that you can choose from. Wood, metal and plastic. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here is a quick list of a few of the most important.

Wooden Sheds:

Upsides: Wooden is the most popular type of garden sheds. You can purchase them in nearly any design and size. If you have to assemble the shed a wooden one should be simple to put together. There are many types of designs for you to choose from in wood.

Downsides: Because your wooden shed will be out in the elements wood can rot or be infected with bugs who can destroy your shed. For this reason, you need to treat your shed every few years and keep an eye on it for signs of damage or decay.

Metal Sheds

Upsides: If you are looking for a shed that is strong and will last for decades, decide on a metal garden shed. They are also very secure so if you have valuable items to put into your shed, this is your best choice. They are great for areas with lots of rain or even snow and you can order or build custom garden sheds in any size.

Downsides: These garden sheds will be more expensive than wood. Also if you buy one made of cheap metal it will likely rust or not hold up well over time. Some people do not like the look of metal in their yard, but nowadays you can find beautiful metal sheds.

Plastic Sheds

Upsides: Plastic sheds are the lowest priced sheds you can purchase. They are also very durable and can sustain the elements well. They require no upkeep and will not rust or degrade.

Downsides: Plastic sheds can be flimsy and over time they can lean if they are large. Also, they are not as secure as either metal or wooden sheds. If you live in an area with very high or low temperatures, it could affect the plastic. These sheds tend to be the least attractive types of shoes.

Remember that whichever shed you choose, it is best to lay a foundation of concrete or stone to place your shed on. Also, you can order custom sheds in metal in any size or configuration.

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