How to Determine the Concerns of Loyal Restaurant Guests

Establishing a loyal base is difficult. When it comes to food, people change their preferences quickly. They will jump to something new and shiny in a heartbeat. Therefore, if you have loyal customers, make them feel special. Show them that you’re listening. If there are concerns and suggestions, you have to address them. Otherwise, they won’t be loyal to you anymore and try to look for other choices. These are some tips to address issues and retain loyalty.

Ask for a survey on the spot

After your guests finish dining, they can answer the survey. Keep it short and simple, but comprehensive. It requires responses regarding food quality, service, ambience, and other relevant features. The information is more reliable since the guests can provide honest responses. If they are unhappy, they won’t hesitate to say it. If they feel satisfied, they will also give a positive review.

Leave a suggestion box

Some people don’t feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. It’s true, especially if they’re already loyal to the restaurant. They would rather not come back instead of leaving suggestions. However, if you go with the traditional suggestion box, it protects anonymity. Guests will probably say something to help the business.

Encourage online reviews

Online reviews are helpful. Businesses with more positive reviews online increase brand awareness. Studies reveal that people will look for information online first before they make a restaurant reservation.  Many people are willing to leave reviews, but they don’t know how to do it. If simplified, they won’t hesitate to give one. You can also remind your guests by sending an email or through social media. There are different platforms available for leaving reviews. After asking people to leave reviews, the next step is to respond. It shows that you appreciate the reviews given by the customers. If these reviews are negative, it’s an opportunity to improve. Acknowledge the issues and tell the customers that the business will continue to improve. Don’t take it personally, and avoid being defensive. You can’t question the experience of people when they dined in the restaurant.

Take steps

After determining what the loyal guests want, you have to take actions. They need to feel that you’re doing something to address the problems. For instance, if they start to question the quality of the food, you have to change your supplier. The current supplier might not be meeting the demands. Consider working with Kiril for excellent food ingredients if you want to ensure quality dishes.

The problem might also be about customer service. It’s time to retrain your employees and make them do a better job. If there are issues with how you deal with them, take time to listen. Having an open line of communication with your employees will make them feel good about the job. It also improves the services offered to customers.

The success of a restaurant business depends on the level of satisfaction felt by the loyal diners. If you can’t address the problem, they will jump to other options.