How to (Finally) Get the Body You’ve Always Dreamed About

Have you ever yearned for that perfect, dream body that seemed just out of reach? Regardless of whether that dream body is based on a celebrity you admire, an influencer, or a huge amalgamation, everyone typically has goals for themselves that they want to achieve. 

This desire to have a body that you are proud of and want to be around is something that many people share. Of course, it is not always possible to achieve said dream body through force of will or exercise alone. Working with what you have, adjusting your goals to best suit your bone structure, and using this guide, however, will work: 

Understanding Body Shapes and Learning to Appreciate What You Have

One of the first to keep in mind on your journey towards your dream body is that regardless of how much weight you lose or how much exercise you do, you cannot change your bone structure. That’s why it’s key that you first understand what body shape you have, and how to work with that shape in mind. In general, there are five main body shapes: apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle, and inverted triangle. Each has its own characteristics, and each can look absolutely phenomenal – when you know what exercises and clothes work for you. 

Finding Exercises That Work For Your Body

It is crucial to incorporate exercise into your daily routine to get the body you’ve always dreamed about. However, not all exercises are created equal, and the type of workout that will help you achieve your goals depends on your body shape. Apple shapes, for example, will want to focus on cardio to help burn excess belly fat. 

They, along with rectangle and inverted triangle shapes, will also want to use lower body strength exercises to help round out their figure. Find the best exercises that help you tone up in a way that best highlights your body’s unique features, so that you can then start to appreciate your unique form and start loving yourself from head to toe. 

Get a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

In some cases, despite your best efforts in diet and exercise, achieving the body you have always dreamed of without any extra help can remain forever out of reach. For example, expanding your chest can be just the trick if you want to even out your silhouette. Or perhaps you have one breast larger than the other. That is where cosmetic surgery can come into play. Going to get breast augmentation in Houston Texas can be just the ticket you need to go from pear to hourglass, for example. 

Learn to Dress For Your Proportions

Another powerful tool in your journey is in your closet. Once you’ve embraced your unique physique, it’s time to learn how to highlight key areas of your body. For example, apple shapes look fantastic in shorts and miniskirts, while those with an hourglass body need a tight fitting around their waist to highlight their proportions.