How to Keep Your Older Home and Furniture Looking as Good as New

If you own an older home that is filled to bursting with vintage pieces, you might be concerned about keeping them in good condition and constantly fretting about how you are going to do this. Then, here is a guide that will help you keep your old home and furniture looking as good as new in 2023 and for many years in the future. 

Renovate Regularly 

Although you might not think that older homes need much renovation because you might want to keep many of their traditional features, this is not the case. To keep an older home looking fresh, you should renovate it just as much as a regular home, and even more often if it has issues that cause damage, such as damp and mold. For instance, you should splash a new coat of paint on the walls every few years, especially if the walls are painted in a bright or neutral color, and you should also consider sanding down and polishing the flooring. You might also decide to swap out soft furnishings that have become worn or moth-eaten and are affecting the overall appearance of your abode. 

Clean Your Vintage Items

It is important that you know how to properly maintain and clean your vintage items, or else you might find that they look ancient quickly and become damaged. For instance, if you have an antique rug, you should not clean it like any old rug, and you should look into maintaining timeless rugs. If you are struggling to know how best to look after the pieces in your home, you should speak to the seller. You can also look up care guides online that can help you. You might hire a cleaner who specializes in caring for older properties, too. This will ensure that you can continue to take pride in your home for many years and that you will not have to replace items so often. 

Keep the Blinds Pulled

You might want your house to be constantly flooded with light. However, while light can boost your mood and make your house look more vibrant, it can also make your soft furnishings, wall art, and furniture deteriorate more quickly, which can be a tragedy if you have a lot of antique items in your home. This means you should install blinds that you can use to control the light in certain rooms and which can block out the sun’s damaging rays from your most precious possessions. 

Display Possessions Properly

You should also try to display your possessions correctly to keep them out of harm’s way and protect them from dust, food, and drink stains. You might consider investing in cabinets for antiques or ensure that your ornaments each have their own place on shelves or mantelpieces. You should try to replace pieces that are broken and beyond repair, though, as these can affect the overall style of your property. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that your home looks smart and neat, even if you have lots of possessions within it, and that these items are not at risk.