How To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Trees are part of our natural environment. They provide shade, keep the soil in place, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Additionally, they improve the curb appeal of your house. These trees are complex organisms that respond to different environmental factors in their surroundings. They need soil, water, sunlight, and air to survive. That said, here are some tips on how to keep trees healthy:

  • Plant The Right Trees

There are over 50,000 tree species globally. Before buying and planting a tree, make sure you research and choose the right kind of tree for your landscape’s soil and sunlight conditions. Also, remember that trees take time before they start bearing fruit which means you should be committed to their care for this period of time. Moreover, ensure that you choose a place with sufficient sunlight for your trees to grow naturally.

  • Water Them Properly

Trees are living things; they, therefore, need water to survive. Water availability and water retention are very important for trees to grow and stay healthy. However, note that too much water can also be bad for them. It will cause their roots to rot, leading to the tree’s death. That is why it is important to water trees properly by soaking the root system with sufficient amounts of water.

  • Mulch Them

Mulching has different benefits on plants and trees, including improved soil conditions, decreased weed growth, and protection from the sun. Also, it helps prevent water evaporation from the soil, thus helping trees retain their moisture.

  • Prune Them Regularly

Pruning is an essential part of keeping trees healthy. This process involves identifying and removing dead or diseased branches while maintaining a strong structure. This way, you will ensure that the tree has better air circulation and sunlight penetration, which will keep it healthy. Also, it provides space for new growth and enhances the beauty of trees.

  • Have A Professional Inspect Them

Trees are very responsive to changes in their surroundings, especially when these changes are environmental. To make sure that your trees are still healthy after you have done some work on them, engage the services of an arborist who can assess them for health issues.

Since the arborists are experienced in all things to do with trees, they will also be able to find diseases that you might have missed and recommend proper treatment. So much so, in cases where the tree will have to be removed, they will recommend the best tree removal services around your area.

  • Apply Fertilizer

Fertilizer is an important tool that helps trees grow healthier by providing them with all the nutrients they need. Some trees require a specific type of fertilizer in order to stay healthy. In most cases, manufacturers will indicate the types of nutrients they contain on the tags attached to the plant containers when you buy them from nurseries or garden stores.

Take Away

Taking good care of your trees is one way to take good care of the environment. Ensure that you follow the above-mentioned tips to keep your trees healthy.

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