How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer 

No matter whether you love buying new clothes or you’d rather avoid it, the fact is that clothing is a necessity and everyone needs to think about it. However, it can also get very expensive, and as prices for everything go up, it can be hard to find the cash to pay for new clothes all the time. 

This is why it’s so important to know how to make your clothes last longer. The longer they can last (and still look good, of course), the more money you’ll save overall, so when you do need to buy new clothes, you’ll have the funds to do it. Plus, when you’re throwing less away, you’re being more helpful to the environment. Read on to find out more about how to make your clothes last longer. 

Make A Blanket 

Some clothes won’t be worn again for all kinds of reasons – they might not fit, they might be out of style, or they might even belong to a loved one who has passed away. Throwing these clothes out isn’t a sustainable idea, and it’s hard to do when there are memories attached anyway. 

The best thing, in this case, is to send your old t-shirts to experts who can create blankets made from clothes for you. Your clothes will last longer in a new form, and you can enjoy your lovely blanket made from memories. 

Invest In Quality 

One of the best things you can do is to invest in quality items from the start. Although it will always be tempting to buy cheaper, ‘fast fashion,’ these items just won’t last as long, and you’ll find you have to replace them a lot more often than the more expensive pieces of clothing you could have bought to begin with. In the end, even if you’re paying more upfront, you could very well save a lot of money as a result. 

The key is to actually buy quality and not just spend more money due to a designer name. Research the best materials and makers and check the quality of the clothes before you buy them. In this way, everything should last longer with minimal effort from you. 

Follow Care Instructions 

Every piece of clothing you own will have a label in it that tells you exactly how to wash it (what temperature it can go in the washing machine at and whether it should be hand washed or is dry clean only, for example), how to dry it (some clothes shouldn’t be tumble dried), and even how to store it. 

Ignoring these labels and just washing, drying, and storing everything in the same way could mean you’re reducing the lifespan of some garments because they stop looking so good or even fade and shrink, depending on what they’re made of and how you take care of them (or don’t). If you can follow the instructions, your clothes are sure to last longer, even if it means laundry day becomes a little more complex – it will be worth it when you realize you’re keeping your clothes looking as good as they can be.