How to Remove Ceramic Coating?

When you are going to apply a ceramic coating on your car, you can find several options. But when it’s time to remove it, this will be a difficult one. 

It is because applying ceramic coating for car is the process where you are just applying and it sticks well to the car. In this way, it will be easier for you. But when you are going to the removing process, you can’t just apply a method as simple as that. It is because you should maintain a lot of things before that. 

You should think whether the removing process will harm the texture of a car or not. You should also think if the process you are going to apply is suitable for the car or not. After thinking about all of that, then you can decide which process you should use.      

And to clear your dilemma, we are trying to share with you some method so that, you can get the complete clearance. So, let’s check it out.             

Reasons behind removing Ceramic Coating

Before you dive into the processes, first you should know the reasons for doing it. It is because if you won’t do it, then you can’t ever get the result which you actually want. So, knowing about it is important. 

And a reason for removing ceramic coating is most of them buy a car of low-quality coating on it. It is because they don’t have a high budget for buying a car. So, it’s a good idea to remove the old coating from the car before applying new one. And that’s reason you should remove the coating before applying any removing method to the car.        

The other reason is that the coating can last for a year. And after that, it can’t give the car complete protection. That’s the reason the ceramic coating should be removed in order to apply a new coating. 

Removing the ceramic coating after a certain time is important. It is because if you don’t remove the old ceramic coating, the surface of the will be harmed. And thus, it will lose its durability. So, to protect the car and make it more durable, removing the ceramic coating is important.         

Methods of Removing Ceramic Coating

Your car, so love for you so much. To beautify your car, you need many process. To know many procees, you can visite electorstrust. One of them is how to  remove a ceramic coating, you have to give a lot of effort to that. Well, there are several methods you can apply to. But you must choose which is more suitable for your car. Let’s dive into the methods to get clearer about it.        

1. Chemical removal

Chemical removal is the most effective process you can ever use. Even though ceramic coating is chemical resistant, but the strength of it is slowly reduced by using alkaline products. So, using chemical removal will be the easiest and effective way to remove ceramic coating. And you can do it in some simple steps: 

Step 1

At first, put some drops of primer to prime the pad. Then spread the whole product from the middle position. 

Step 2

Once you are done applying it and then wipe out the excess. 

Step 3

After completing the priming section, then put 6-8 drops of the product and spread all over the section for a nice finish. 

2. Claying

Claying is another way to get rid of the coating. It is sticky and that’s the reason it can remove the ceramic coating from the surface of the car. It has a technique and if you follow these instructions then you can remove the coating without taking much trouble. The instructions are: 

Step 1

Take the clay rod and slide it. You should slide it from one side to another through vehicle paint. 

Step 2

You can use grease. It is because it helps to get the surface wet and you can apply the claying process in a smooth way. 

Step 3

In the final step, clean the surface with a cloth in order to make the surface ready for the next application.      

3. Polishing

Polishing is the most trustworthy process for removing the coating from the car. A maximum number of people use this process. It also helps to prepare the surface for the next application and make it really smooth. For doing this method in the right way, see the simple steps of it. 

Step 1

Wash your car and rinse well. Make sure you won’t dry it out. You can dry the foam out if necessary. 

Step 2

Get a pad and continue the applying process section by section. 

Step 3

After finishing the process, then wipe out the excess, wash it and again rinse off well. Make sure you dry it thoroughly.

Wrap Up 

We all know how important ceramic coating is for our vehicles but when we need to remove the ceramic coating, we all get into difficulties. To get you out of the troubles and make the process easier, we have mentioned the step by step process. 

Now, you will never be worried about how to remove the ceramic coating. Go through the process we have mentioned here and don’t worry about it anymore! Before doing this, make sure you read the steps carefully.