How to Watch The Chosen Season 3

“The Chosen”, the groundbreaking series that delves into the life of Jesus Christ and his disciples, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. As anticipation grows for its third season, many are left wondering: How can they watch “The Chosen” Season 3? This article provides a detailed guide on the avenues available.

The Chosen’s Unique Approach

Before diving into the specifics of how to watch, understanding the series’ unique distribution model will help contextualize the viewing options available.

Crowd-Funded Phenomenon:

“The Chosen” stands out as the top crowd-funded TV series or film project in history. This unconventional funding method has allowed the creators to retain creative control and offer flexible viewing options.

Official Streaming: The Chosen App

The primary recommendation for watching “The Chosen”, including its latest season, is the official “The Chosen” app.

How it Works:

  • The app provides free access to all episodes of “The Chosen”. This includes episodes from Season 3, though they might be released in phases.
  • The app operates on a “pay it forward” model. While viewing is free, users can choose to contribute financially, helping fund future episodes and making it available for others.

Platform Availability:

The Chosen app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. Additionally, you can stream it on various devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and FireTV. Simply cast or direct it to your television from your mobile device for a big-screen experience.

Physical Copies & Merchandise

For those who prefer physical media or wish to support the series further:

DVDs and Blu-rays:
Physical copies of “The Chosen”, including Season 3 when available, can be purchased. These are often sold on the official “The Chosen” website, and they sometimes come bundled with exclusive merchandise.

Third-Party Platforms

While the official app is the primary way to stream, some third-party platforms might offer the series, either for rent or purchase.

Potential Platforms:

  • Vimeo On Demand: Past seasons of “The Chosen” have been available for purchase on Vimeo.
  • YouTube: Episodes or clips might be available on YouTube, though it’s always best to ensure you’re watching from an official or authorized source.

Note on Unauthorized Streams:

Beware of unauthorized streaming sites. Not only do they deprive the creators of deserved revenue, but they might also be riddled with malware or other security threats.


1. Is there a subscription fee for the official “The Chosen” app?
No, the app is free to download, and the episodes are free to watch. The “pay it forward” model allows viewers to contribute voluntarily.

2. Will “The Chosen” Season 3 be available on platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime?
As of the latest information, the primary distribution channel remains the official app. While future partnerships are always possible, the app remains the recommended viewing source.

3. How many episodes are there in Season 3?
The number of episodes might vary per season. It’s best to check the official sources or app for the latest details on episode count and release dates.

4. Can I download episodes from the app to watch offline?
The official “The Chosen” app typically allows for downloading episodes, making offline viewing possible.

5. What languages is “The Chosen” available in?
While the primary language is English, “The Chosen” offers various subtitles, making it accessible to a global audience.


“The Chosen” has redefined how independent series can be produced and distributed, breaking away from traditional models. Season 3, eagerly awaited by fans, is best enjoyed through the official app, ensuring quality and supporting the creators directly. By embracing this innovative approach, viewers not only partake in a cinematic experience but also become part of a supportive community.