Install Engineered Timber Flooring For Stunning Floors

Flooring contributes a significant role in the design and has an intense effect on the style, elegance, and functionalities of any space. It’s essential to select a perfect floor sanding lower hutt option that looks wholesome for a longer time and is easier to maintain.

Natural timber flooring was a popular choice, but it comes with its disadvantages. This impediment paved the way for innovative methods in flooring, creating a technique through which homeowners could enjoy wooden floors minus the headache of maintenance.

Considering the harsh climatic conditions of Australia, engineered timber flooring is the best suitable flooring option. The warmth, naturalistic appearance, the attractiveness of timber plus the added durability provided by its multiple layers were the factors that led to engineered timber floors becoming the desirable option when it comes to engineered flooring

The cost and limitations of timber floors partnered with the advancements in technology have given rise to alternative products to fill in the demand on the Australian market. Several of these look alike but have additional benefits like durability and inexpensive maintenance. Low maintenance adds to an advantage since people want flooring that does not require much attention. 

Engineered timber is a timber plank that comprises multiple layers of treated wood placed together. The top layer of an engineered plank is rigid hardwood, firmly bonded to the lower layers. The remaining layers consist of plywood and a softwood or hardwood base. 

Engineered timber employs the finest quality of authentic wood for the first layer. Because of this, the floor expresses the natural comfort and beauty of a classic hardwood floor.

1. Appearance

Engineered flooring has a wide range in species of wood, colours, freedom of design, textures, and pliability. After installation, the appearance of engineered floors would be indifferentiable from hardwood floors. By making use of oils, thrust, and heat, engineered timber arouses rich colours that provide an impressive look.

2. Installation

It is simpler to install engineered timber on any flat surface in comparison to any other flooring. After the installation of engineered timber, it is possible to walk on it instantly, speeding up the total time of construction. It can even function as a floating floor that does not have to be cemented or nailed down.

3. Health benefits

Engineering timber flooring doesn’t imprison dust, allergens, pollen, or the hair of pets. It is easy to remove dirt or dust from these floors with the aid of a vacuum cleaner; its no-joint formula does not allow the dust to seep into the cracks, making cleaning easier. This flooring is a smart option for those experiencing allergic reactions to dust and for asthmatics.

4. Sustainability

Engineered Timber floorings are extremely sustainable because they use hardwood species with slow growth. Timber flooring possesses the least CO2 cost out of any other available commercial material. The manufacturing of timber requires less amount of energy than any other material used for construction. Compared to tiles and concrete, the procedure employed to produce, manufacture, transport, and to fit timber boards is harmless to the surrounding environment.

5. Thermal and acoustic advantages

The growing evolution of high apartments has experienced an increase in the acknowledgement of the part that acoustics plays in communal living areas. The acoustic and thermal problems of timber flooring won’t affect the quality of engineered timber when partnered with a fitting underlay. Underlay helps in thermal and humidity protection, providing both warmth and privacy.