Is Your Basement Leaking? Here is What You Need To Do

A wet basement is a common problem for house owners in Toronto. And, if not taken care of, the problem can cause severe complications which can impact your family to a great extent. The lack of right steps may lead to mould growth which may cause health problems, especially if there is someone in your house suffering from allergies or asthma.  The water dampening your basement walls weakens the structural integrity of the house. Another nightmare could be that the water reaches the ground and damages your furniture and other stored items. In order to prevent this problem from expanding, you should go for basement waterproofing in Toronto, if you suspect any basement leakage.

In order to get successful basement waterproofing Toronto, you should get in touch with a professional contractor and find out the cause and source of it. This way, you will be able to investigate where the problem actually started from and how to deal with it. Read on to know what you need to do:

How does water enter into the basement?

There are a number of ways through which water enters in the basement of your house. The common ones are given below:

  1. The cracks on the walls and floor of the basement.
  2. At the joints
  3. Via cracks which are present at foundation wall joints.

The steps to fix wet basement

When you are going for basement waterproofing, there are a few things you can opt for to prevent leaks and have a dry basement. 

Clean your gutters: 

Often the cause of a wet basement is closer than your imagination. You will not have to use any complicated waterproofing methods in Toronto to resolve the problem of a wet basement. You can keep your basement dry by just keeping your gutters clean. If leaves, debris or particles get accumulated in the gutter, they may overflow during rainfall or snow melt.  So, the water may seep through your basement walls and enter the foundation.

Make sure you clean all the leaves, dust and particles from the gutter and get a downspout fixed to direct the water away from your house and it will automatically resolve the issue of a leaky basement.

Your house’s grading:

Look out for the sloping of your landscape. The soil near the foundation is loose and in case the grading slopes to the basement foundation, all the water will get collected around your house walls and enter the basement. So, make the landscape slope away from the foundation of your house.  

Look for the window wells:

It is a sure shot to basement waterproofing Toronto. Get window wells affixed to keep them free from dirt, debris which block the drain and divert the water towards the foundation.

These methods involve directing water away from your house to prevent basement leakage. In order to adopt a more sophisticated method, you can speak to a professional who will look out for the issue and its solution in a more detailed manner.

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