Meaning and Interpretation: How to Use Emojis

Communication is essential in our lives because, without it, people won’t evolve and grow the way we are today. From the time that we learn to spill out words, we start to communicate with the people in our surroundings, especially our family. With today’s advanced technology, people can use their mobile devices to link themselves with others digitally.

You can also use messaging apps to send messages to your friends or loved ones quickly. With that, it is common for people to use emojis. It injects feelings and emotions to your message when you add emojis. And it will be much easy for the recipient to interpret your words when there are emojis. So here’s the interpretation and meaning of your favorite emojis.

Devil Emoji 😈

The makers of emojis released it in the year 2010, and it is well-known as a devil emoji, but some people call it in the name of purple emoji. There are also times that people mention is as purple demon emoji. The devil emoji is a round face smiling with horns on its head, which people translate as evil.

People often use this emoji to express an evil personality or approve a bad or funny idea. That devil-like smile is people’s way of expressing pleasure over something that people can consider wrong or inappropriate. This emoji is the same as the interjection like “bwahahahaa!.”

Face Without Mouth Emoji 😶

This emoji shows an image without a mouth, and its eyes are wide open. The meaning of it is usually associated with the connection between words and mouth. People commonly use the blank face emoji to express their loss for words or having nothing to say. People usually use it in awkward, embarrassing, or difficult conversations.

They introduced this emoji type around the year 2010, and people mainly know it as a blank face emoji, but some individuals might mention it as a silent emoji.

Anchor Emoji ⚓

The anchor emoji is a symbol of navigation for shipyard, harbor, or marina. It’s also a stereotypical tattoo that you can find on sailors like Popeye the Sailor Man had it in one of his arms. People can also use this emoji in expressing their dedication to something such as gaming, relationship, or college.

Disappointed Face Emoji 😞

This emoji depicts a person’s mouth with frowning and sad eyes conveying a hint of negative emotion, disappointment, regret, remorse, or sadness.

This emoji type appeared way back in 2010, and it is popular in the name of sad emoji, but some people refer to it as a sad face emoji. Sometimes, there might be people who will mention it as a frowny face.

Flushed Face 😳

This emoji appeared in the year 2010, and people know it as the embarrassed emoji, but some individuals refer to it as a Blush emoji. Sometimes, people might mention it as blushing face emoji.

The emoji shows a face with eyes wide open, blushing cheeks, and raised eyebrows, which means embarrassment or shyness. People also use this emoji to show that someone or something is embarrassing. It’s like saying, “I’m shy, and you are making me blush!.”


Nowadays, it’s typical for many people to use emojis in their texts or messages, which is more exciting and fun because people can add different emoji types when they message someone. It’s a great tool that you can use to add feelings and emotions to your dull or lifeless messages. If you want to flirt with your girlfriend or boyfriend casually, you can achieve that by using the right emojis.